Region: Japan

Tennis racquet maker commits to allowing parallel imports in Japan

Wilson Sporting Goods and its local affiliate have agreed to stop blocking other retailers from importing its official tennis racquets into Japan to resolve a probe by the country’s competition watchdog.

28 March 2022

Japan: Settlements

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

Recent amendments to Japanʼs Anti-Monopoly Act gave the Japan Fair Trade Commission powers to formally accept voluntary commitments from companies suspected of having infringed the law.

25 March 2022

Japan: Antitrust Litigation

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

In Japan, the number of private antitrust cases has been increasing recently, but court judgments have dismissed plaintiffs’ damage claims due to parties’ agreements on exclusive jurisdictions of foreign courts.

25 March 2022

Japan: Cartels

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

Cartel regulation in Japan continues to evolve, particularly following the recent amendment to the country's Anti-Monopoly Act in 2019.

25 March 2022

Japan: Overview

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

From February 2021 to January 2022, the Japan Fair Trade Commission continued to take enforcement action against cartel conduct and vertical restraints.

25 March 2022

Japan: Merger Control

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

Under the Anti-Monopoly Act, the Japan Fair Trade Commission continues to employ its jurisdiction over merger control enforcement.

25 March 2022

Japan accepts commitments from to remove MFNs

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has closed a probe into after the online platform agreed to stop forcing accommodation providers to offer it equivalent or more favourable rates than they offer its rivals.

17 March 2022

Japan fines printing companies for rigging bids

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has fined 24 printing companies over €13.2 million for colluding to rig bids, in a decision that marks the first time the agency has criticised a contract provider for its tender process.

03 March 2022

A Q&A with Reiko Aoki

Reiko Aoki has been an economist and commissioner at Japan’s Fair Trade Commission since 2016. She spoke to GCR about the benefits of her agency’s voluntary commitment system, the authority’s ongoing pharmaceutical cases and the necessity of continued international cooperation in digital markets.

31 January 2022

JFTC: undervaluing IPOs could be an antitrust problem

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is reportedly set to warn against undervaluing a company during an initial public offering as such behaviour could run afoul of the country’s competition law.

27 January 2022

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