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This is not a drill: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 15 November 2019

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” – where there are the signs of something, that something likely exists. Competition enforcers believe that applies to their approach: that if it appears that a merger will harm competition, then it likely will. And especially in already-consolidated sectors, antitrust watchdogs see themselves as the fire doors preventing the harm from spreading. We have coverage this week of a conditionally cleared deal in the consolidating Korean telecommunications market; preliminary concerns about a deal in Australia; an Australian enforcer’s comments on killer acquisitions; and the publication of our survey of Japan's competition bar.

15 November 2019

Japan’s competition bar

After several years of treading water, Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has a new focus on platforms and improvements to its leniency regime, which bode well for the future of the country’s competition community. Matt Richards ranks the high performers.

13 November 2019


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

JFTC cautions against search manipulation and data use

Digital platforms that give themselves or their related companies preferential treatment by arbitrarily manipulating search algorithms could run afoul of Japan’s antitrust law, the country’s competition watchdog has said.

01 November 2019

Rakuten will change behaviour in response to JFTC scrutiny

Japan’s antitrust watchdog has accepted commitments to resolve its probe into an e-commerce platform’s contracts with accommodation providers.

29 October 2019

Indian Summer: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 25 October 2019

In a busy week for antitrust news in Asia Pacific, the Competition Commission of India is investigating an airport operator based on an essential facility theory of harm, but also suffered a defeat in court for not having deferred to a sector regulator. Elsewhere, decisions emerged from the competition watchdogs in Singapore and Hong Kong; and we also caught up with Hong Kong’s Competition Commission.

25 October 2019

Competition inquisition: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 18 October 2019

The theme of this week’s Tipline has to be all the new inquiries and investigations around the Asia-Pacific region. Two competition authorities have decided to take a closer look at the food industry, while some other watchdogs are examining more targeted issues.

17 October 2019

Japan revises merger notification guidance for digital economy

Japan’s competition watchdog has recommended that companies notify their tie-ups when the total value of the deal exceeds 40 billion yen (€339.3 million) and the merger is expected to affect Japanese consumers.

08 October 2019

Japan cartel decision partially overturned after six years

Japan’s antitrust watchdog has dismissed a 2013 cease-and-desist order and fine against a company that makes starch used in corrugated cardboard, but upheld its decision against two others.

04 October 2019

JFTC issues draft guidance on platform abuse of consumer data

Digital platforms have a superior bargaining position over consumers if the use of their services requires that consumers provide their data and accept any negative consequences, Japan’s antitrust watchdog has said.

30 August 2019

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