Region: Japan

JFTC consults on draft sustainability guidelines

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has published draft guidance on how it will treat sustainability initiatives under the country’s antitrust law, clarifying collaboration agreements that will raise competition concerns and green objectives that require more research.

17 January 2023

Report: JFTC secures confession as Tokyo Olympics bid-rigging probe intensifies

One of Japan’s top advertising companies has reportedly admitted to its role in rigging bids to plan test events for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, while another has filed for leniency.

16 December 2022


Featured in GCR 100 2023

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission might be one of the largest antitrust agencies in the world, but a drop off in enforcement means local competition lawyers have fewer in-depth merger reviews and cartel probes to work on.

12 December 2022

Japan: Foreign direct investment regulations

Featured in Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - Second Edition

In response to concerns over security and the outflow of critical technologies and in light of the trend toward stricter FDI Regulations globally, the Japanese government has introduced several significant amendments to its FDI Regulations since 2017.

06 December 2022

FDI in the Energy Sector

Featured in Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - Second Edition

As one of the first industries in which foreign direct investment (FDI) occurred on a large scale globally, the energy sector has also been one of the first in which legislative measures were introduced to regulate FDI.

06 December 2022

Japan expected to impose record cartel fines on electricity utilities

Japan’s antitrust watchdog is reportedly gearing up to impose its highest-ever cartel fines on three electric utility companies that allegedly agreed not to compete with each other after the country’s electricity market was deregulated in 2016.

28 November 2022

Key Developments in Japan

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

In recent years, the Japanese government has been keen to scrutinise the digital markets from various perspectives to implement appropriate competition policy promptly and effectively to enhance competition and innovation in digital markets.

25 November 2022

JFTC probes advertisers for Tokyo Olympics bid-rigging

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is reportedly investigating several companies for rigging bids for the provision of advertising and test event planning during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

21 November 2022

Canadian court certifies HDD class action claim

A Canadian court has allowed a nationwide class of plaintiffs to bring a collective damages claim against several members of the international hard disc drive suspension cartel.

13 October 2022

Japan: private practice perspective

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11 October 2022

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