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Italy: Antitrust Pioneer Continues to Break Ground on Theories of Harm

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The Italian Competition Authority has selected the pharmaceutical sector as one of the industries in which to pursue antitrust enforcement actions and to develop innovative theories of harm.

21 October 2022

Italy raids largest tolled motorway operator

Italy’s competition watchdog has raided both the country’s main tolled motorway operator and the national association of motorway operators as it probes whether the former used the association to exclude new rivals in the electronic toll market.

19 October 2022

Italian court annuls €173 million Amazon and Apple fines

An Italian administrative court decision to scrap the national antitrust enforcer’s €173 million combined fine on Amazon and Apple is a sharp reminder for the authority to respect defence rights, local lawyers have said.

04 October 2022

Italy blocks Enel’s purchase of gas and hydro plant

Italy’s Competition Authority has blocked the sale of a renewable energy group’s gas and hydropower plant to the country’s main electricity provider because the deal would reinforce the latter’s dominant position in the Sicilian energy market.

27 September 2022

Enforcers in developing countries monitoring EU efforts to regulate Big Tech

Competition officials in South Africa and India have said both agencies are keeping a close eye on the implementation of EU’s Digital Markets Act but it is too early to say if the countries could enact similar regulation.

23 September 2022

Agency officials urge academics to increase research into enforcement outcomes

Senior officials at competition authorities in Spain and France have called on academics to conduct more enforcement impact assessments, while a commissioner at the Italian Competition Authority called for more studies into antitrust issues in labour markets.

23 September 2022

ECN+ has brought influx of leniency applications in Italy, official says

Italy’s Competition Authority has witnessed a surge in leniency applications following the transposition of the ECN+ directive, which is likely due to the introduction of criminal immunity, a commissioner at the agency has said.

22 September 2022

Economic efficiencies should play minor role in antitrust enforcement, academic says

An antitrust academic has claimed that enforcers' heightened reliance on economic analysis undermines the purpose of competition enforcement, but his remarks received pushback from a fellow scholar.

21 September 2022

Court ruling forces Italian agency to cut cartel fine by over €60 million

Italy’s Competition Authority has slashed a cartel fine on a sports management agency by more than 99% after the country’s highest administrative court ruled it must consider a company's financial state at the time of an infringement decision when calculating penalties.

23 August 2022

Italian court rejects economist’s claim against enforcer

An Italian administrative court has thrown out allegations from an economist at Italy’s Competition Authority that the agency unlawfully refused to promote him or apply non-arbitrary criteria when selecting its heads of units.

19 August 2022

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