Region: Italy

Court throws out Vodafone Italia’s margin squeeze fine

An Italian court has quashed the national competition enforcer’s €5.7 million fine to Vodafone Italia for operating a margin squeeze in the bulk text messaging market, two months after overturning another major antitrust ruling against the telecommunications company and its rivals.

17 September 2021

Italy opens in-depth review into digital payments merger

Italy’s Competition Authority has launched a Phase II probe into Nexi's proposed purchase of rival SIA, citing concerns the deal could create a dominant player in the digital payments sector.

03 September 2021

Telecom Italia and Vodafone settle five antitrust claims

Telecom Italia and Vodafone have agreed to end all legal disputes between themselves, including five antitrust cases that saw Vodafone seeking more than €2 billion in damages from Italy’s leading telecommunications provider.

12 August 2021

Italy probes McDonald’s over franchise contracts

Italy’s Competition Authority is reportedly investigating whether McDonald’s has imposed anticompetitive clauses in its agreements with franchise operators that dictate certain business conditions.

10 August 2021

Poste Italiane fined for unfair contract clauses

Italy’s Competition Authority has hit the country’s largest postal service operator with an €11.3 million fine for banning its Naples mail distributor and collector from providing services to its rivals.

06 August 2021

Italy rejects taxi cooperative’s justification of non-competes

Italy’s Competition Authority has accused a taxi cooperative of not even attempting to comply with a 2018 decision ordering it to remove non-compete obligations imposed on its drivers.

03 August 2021

Italy accepts Telecom Italia and DAZN broadcasting commitments

Pay-TV provider DAZN has agreed to open access to its sports streaming content to non-Telecom Italia subscribers to resolve competition concerns related to a football broadcasting agreement, Italy’s Competition Authority has said.

28 July 2021

Italian court annuls fines on country’s biggest telecoms companies

An Italian court has overturned a decision by the country’s antitrust watchdog to fine four telecommunications companies €228 million for allegedly agreeing to fix monthly mobile phone prices because the authority failed to provide sufficient evidence of any unlawful collusion.

14 July 2021

Italy probes Telecom Italia and DAZN over Serie A streaming agreement

Italy’s Competition Authority is investigating if a football broadcasting agreement between Telecom Italia and pay-TV provider DAZN restricts competition across various telecoms markets, following complaints from a host of rival broadcasters.

08 July 2021

Sky Italia files antitrust complaint against Telecom Italia

Sky Italia has reportedly filed a complaint to the Italian antitrust watchdog, opposing a deal between Telecom Italia and a sports application to stream football matches.

24 June 2021

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