Region: Israel

Data can impede cartel prosecutions, Israeli enforcer says

The increasing need to master vast swathes of data when prosecuting cartels poses a huge obstacle and challenge to digital era enforcement, the head of Israel’s Antitrust Authority has warned.

30 October 2018

Israel begins digital economy inquiry

Israel’s Antitrust Authority has begun a review examining competition within the country’s digital economy, soliciting feedback on whether it should adapt its approach within the online market.

05 September 2018

Israel invokes “failing firm” doctrine in media merger

Israel’s competition watchdog has approved a three-to-two deal between a pair of rival television broadcasters, because without the merger one of the companies would become insolvent.

09 August 2018

Media deal blocked in Israel

Israel’s competition watchdog has blocked a merger between two of the country’s largest media acquisition companies because the deal could result in higher advertising prices and discourage television channels from investing in content.

12 July 2018

Israeli court to consider travel company cartel indictment

Israel’s competition watchdog has called for five travel companies and eight individuals to be indicted for rigging bids on tenders for educational trips to Holocaust concentration camps.

05 July 2018

Israeli airlines drop deal

El Al and Israir have abandoned their proposed merger, just hours before a hearing at which they would have challenged the competition authority’s decision to block the deal.

21 June 2018

Israel tackles video game cartel

Israel's Antitrust Authority has charged several video game vendors with allegedly fixing the prices of PlayStation and Xbox consoles and the FIFA 2017 video game.

19 June 2018

Enforcers highlight leniency challenges

In preparation for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s roundtable on challenges to leniency, competition authorities across the world have submitted reports about the effectiveness of leniency programmes and how they can be improved.

04 June 2018

Banking merger blocked in Israel

Israel’s Antitrust Authority has blocked a tie-up between two of the country’s six largest banks, fearing that the deal would harm competition in the already concentrated banking market.

31 May 2018

Israeli electric company punished for withholding evidence

Israel’s competition watchdog has fined the Israel Electric Corporation €690,000 for failing to turn over documents in an investigation that found the company to have abused its dominant position in the national electricity transmission and distribution market.

30 April 2018

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