Region: Israel

Coca-Cola distributor fined for “broad and significant” vertical restraints

Israel’s Antitrust Authority has fined Coca-Cola’s distribution centre more than €10 million for imposing restrictions on downstream retailers and for violating merger commitments.

02 January 2020

Court overturns Israeli authority’s merger block

An Israeli court has overruled the national competition authority’s decision to block a 1.5 billion shekels (€388 million) deal between two of the country’s largest banks.

03 December 2019

Israeli court rejects trucks class certification claim

An Israeli court has refused to certify a class action claim against members of the European trucks cartel, as the claimant failed to show the cartel had a significant effect on competition in the country.

13 September 2019

Israel fines Bezeq €7.7 million for abuse

Israel’s competition authority has imposed a NIS 30 million (€7.7 million) fine on the country’s largest telecoms group Bezeq for abuse of dominance in the telecommunications infrastructure market.

06 September 2019

Israel merger amendments could lead to uncertainty, lawyers say

Lawyers have expressed concerns that proposed changes to Israel’s merger regulation could increase the burden on merging companies and lead to uncertainty, as the authority plans to raise the minimum turnover threshold and broaden the scope of how it calculates turnover.

31 July 2019

Israel clarifies monopoly definition

Israel’s Competition Authority has published a paper laying out how it will examine whether a company has “significant market power”, following reforms of the country’s competition law earlier this year.

23 July 2019

Withholding information leads to conviction in Israel

An Israeli court has issued the country’s first criminal conviction for failing to provide Israel’s Antitrust Authority with information requested during an investigation.

27 February 2019

Israeli judge approves Coca Cola class action

An Israeli court has certified a standalone class action against Coca Cola, which is accused of abusing its dominant position in the soft drinks market by setting excessive prices.

21 January 2019

Reforms boost Israeli antitrust enforcer powers

Israel has changed its competition law to enlarge the competition authority’s enforcement ability, impose harsher penalties for violations and raise merger notification thresholds.

02 January 2019

Israel seeks conviction for withholding information

Israel’s Antitrust Authority has for the first time initiated criminal proceedings against a company and its director for withholding information that the enforcer requested in its investigation into the company’s alleged abuse of dominance.

11 December 2018

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