Region: Indonesia

Indonesia’s national airline commits to changing discriminatory behaviour

Garuda Indonesia has committed to fixing its behaviour after the country’s competition watchdog accused the flag carrier of discriminatory conduct on tickets to the Middle East for a religious pilgrimage.

22 September 2020

Indonesian Supreme Court rejects cattle cartelists’ appeal

Indonesia’s Supreme Court has rejected a petition to review a 2016 decision by the country’s competition watchdog that punished an expansive cartel in the cattle market.

31 July 2020

Indonesian enforcer calls for more power as competition amendments stall

Indonesia’s top competition official has said that the agency needs more power in the face of a rapidly changing economy, although efforts to amend the country’s 21-year-old competition law have stalled.

27 July 2020

Indonesia launches exclusivity case against Honda

Indonesia’s competition authority has accused Honda’s local subsidiary of forcing its authorised service stations to only purchase and use Honda spare parts.

15 July 2020

Indonesia fines Grab for preferencing

Indonesia’s competition authority has fined ride-hailing company Grab for illegally discriminating against certain drivers by giving priority to those from its local business partner.

06 July 2020

Indonesian airlines escape fines for parallel price increases

Seven Indonesian airlines uniformly raised ticket prices last year, although they did not act as a cartel, the country’s competition authority has found.

30 June 2020

Indonesia suspects price-fixing in retail fuel sector

Indonesia’s competition watchdog is investigating five fuel retailers over suspected price coordination, as prices remain stagnant despite a global sell-off in oil.

15 May 2020

This is not a drill: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 15 November 2019

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” – where there are the signs of something, that something likely exists. Competition enforcers believe that applies to their approach: that if it appears that a merger will harm competition, then it likely will. And especially in already-consolidated sectors, antitrust watchdogs see themselves as the fire doors preventing the harm from spreading. We have coverage this week of a conditionally cleared deal in the consolidating Korean telecommunications market; preliminary concerns about a deal in Australia; an Australian enforcer’s comments on killer acquisitions; and the publication of our survey of Japan's competition bar.

15 November 2019


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

Follow the yellow BRICS road: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 13 September 2019

We are on the ground in Russia for the next week covering the BRICS competition conference with enforcers and delegates from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. For now, Uber’s saga in Asia continues. This week the US technology giant said it would be stopping its food-delivery service in Korea on 14 October. The official reason was for failing to reach its expected performance standards, but digging below the surface shows a strange market. On the one hand, Seoul-based Baedal Minjok has about a 75% market share; on the other hand, a bunch of home-grown players are introducing new services. Yup, you read that correctly: Korea’s food delivery market looks both highly concentrated and highly competitive.

12 September 2019

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