Region: Indonesia

Indonesian enforcer uncovers tying practices in cooking oil sector

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has promised to root out anticompetitive conduct in the country’s cooking oil market after a survey found evidence that producers are tying bulk purchases to other products and charging above a government-regulated price cap.

31 January 2023

Indonesia considers sanctions on auto parts cartel

Indonesia’s antitrust authority has launched infringement proceedings against Denso and Sanden for allegedly conspiring to allocate the market for supplying air conditioning systems for certain Daihatsu vehicles.

11 January 2023


Featured in GCR 100 2023

Since the head of the Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) passed away unexpectedly in November 2021, the agency has gone through two chairs who have continued to steer the agency’s focus on deal work.

12 December 2022

Indonesian enforcer partners with attorney general to recover delinquent fines

Indonesia’s antitrust watchdog has partnered with the attorney general’s office to recover fines that more than 300 companies have refused to pay for competition law violations over the past decade.

08 November 2022

Indonesian official: first movers on sustainability goals could entrench market power

Competition agencies must ensure markets do not become too concentrated during the transition to a green economy, especially as first-movers towards sustainability initiatives are likely to increase their power, an official at Indonesia’s antitrust watchdog has warned.

29 September 2022

Indonesian enforcer appoints second new chair in seven months

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has appointed current member M Afif Hasbullah to lead the agency until April 2023.

20 September 2022

Indonesia opens abuse probe into Google’s Play Store payment policy

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has launched an investigation into Google on suspicion the company abused its dominance and engaged in discriminatory practices in the app distribution market.

16 September 2022

Indonesia accuses 27 cooking oil companies of price fixing

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has accused 27 cooking oil companies of allegedly fixing prices and restricting supply in a high-profile cartel case that has garnered widespread public support.

22 July 2022

Indonesian enforcer appoints new chair

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has appointed former vice-chair and current member Ukay Karyadi to lead the agency.

23 February 2022

Indonesia opens in-depth review into major domestic platform merger

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has opened an in-depth review into the completed merger between ride-hailing and digital payments company Gojek and online marketplace Tokopedia, which created the country’s largest technology company.

08 February 2022

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