Region: India

CCI takes Google Android case to Supreme Court

The Competition Commission of India has appealed against the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal’s Google Android ruling, despite the judgment largely upholding the enforcer's infringement decision.

15 June 2023

Google moves ahead with billing policy despite CCI probe

Google has argued that it is complying with an order to open up payments on its application store in India and will push ahead with controversial changes despite a pending antitrust probe into the proposals and fierce opposition from developers.

19 May 2023

India names new antitrust boss

India has tapped Ravneet Kaur, a former federal and state government official, to chair the country’s antitrust authority.

16 May 2023

Amazon secures interim relief in Indian gun-jumping appeal

India’s top court has temporarily stayed a record gun-jumping penalty imposed on Amazon for making false statements about its purchase of a 49% stake in Future Coupons.

10 May 2023

CCI must decide complaint against new Google billing system, court rules

An Indian court has directed the country’s antitrust authority to investigate a complaint that Google’s upcoming new payment system for non-gaming application developers is anticompetitive.

25 April 2023

Third-party seeks to void CCI merger approval due to lack of quorum

A third party has challenged the Competition Commission of India's conditional approval of a merger between two glass container companies on the grounds that it lacked quorum, although a local court has now upheld the authority’s ability to issue decisions without a full bench.

24 April 2023

Sweeping competition law amendments pass initial hurdle in India

India’s lower house of parliament has passed significant amendments to the country’s competition law for the first time in two decades, with companies now facing fines for antitrust violations based on their global turnover.

30 March 2023

Indian tribunal largely upholds CCI’s Google Android decision

India’s specialist competition tribunal has upheld the competition authority’s €165 million fine on Google for abusing its dominance over its Android mobile ecosystem, but set aside four behavioural remedies the agency imposed because they were “unnecessary” and “uncalled for”.

29 March 2023

CCI to establish digital unit

The Competition Commission of India is reportedly “establishing and operationalising” a digital markets unit to help police large technology companies.

24 March 2023

Ericsson and Nokia v Oppo signal that non-discriminatory terms are key concern for Indian courts

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2022/2023

Recent case law, along with the trend for out-of-court settlements between SEP holders and mobile manufacturers, highlights that the non-discriminatory part of ‘FRAND’ is being treated as a priority right now.

24 March 2023

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