Region: India

India amends merger rules

The Competition Commission of India has amended its procedural rules to allow merging companies the option of offering voluntary commitments to resolve concerns that a tie-up might harm competition.

11 October 2018

Amazon faces antitrust complaint in India

An association of online sellers has asked the Competition Commission of India to penalise Amazon for allegedly granting preferential treatment to certain sellers in violation of the country’s antitrust laws.

11 October 2018

Cement cartel fine stayed by Indian Supreme Court

India’s Supreme Court has stayed a €784 million fine against 11 members of an alleged cement cartel and agreed to hear the appeals of the eight companies against the sanctions and infringement decision.

08 October 2018

India’s Supreme Court overturns LPG bid-rigging decision

The Competition Commission of India was wrong to conclude that a group of liquid petroleum gas cylinder suppliers operated a bid-rigging cartel because they submitted identical bids on tenders, India’s Supreme Court has held.

03 October 2018

Do you need competition approval to buy a single share?: Indian merger control and non-controlling minority acquisitions

Proposed amendments to the Competition Commission of India’s merger control regulations again raise the issue of its jurisdiction over non-controlling minority shareholding acquisitions. Arshad (Paku) Khan and Anisha Chand of Khaitan & Co discuss the possibility that it might not.

03 October 2018

India to review competition law

India’s government has established a committee featuring representatives from government, the competition authority and private practice to review the country’s antitrust laws.

01 October 2018

Chair dissents from Indian enforcer’s dominance finding

India’s competition authority has fined a global healthcare equipment and medical diagnostics company for allegedly abusing its dominant position in the supply of standing and tilting MRI machines, despite a dissenting view from the enforcer’s chair.

28 September 2018

Indian enforcement fine overturned for first time by new tribunal

India’s competition tribunal has set aside a €12 million fine on Hyundai for alleged resale price maintenance and unlawful tying, ruling that the country’s competition commission cannot rely purely on the findings of its investigative arm and must conduct its own analysis of evidence.

27 September 2018

Panasonic granted immunity in India for the second time this year

India's competition watchdog has fined retailer Geep Industries for colluding to fix the price of zinc-carbon dry cell batteries, but granted electronics manufacturer Panasonic full immunity for blowing the whistle on the cartel.

31 August 2018

Merger changes aren’t necessary, Indian lawyers say

A proposal by India’s competition enforcer would force private equity firms to notify the agency if they buy more than 5% of shares in a company in a sector in which they already have an investment.

17 August 2018

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