Region: Iceland

EU conditionally approves three-to-two salmon farm deal

The European Commission has approved a tie-up between two leading salmon farmers, subject to the divestment of the target’s entire Icelandic business.

01 November 2022

Iceland approves major telecoms merger with revised remedies

Iceland’s Competition Authority has conditionally approved Ardian’s €493 million purchase of the country’s largest telecommunications operator after previously rejecting the companies’ proposed remedies.

20 September 2022

Iceland rejects remedy bid in major telecoms Phase II probe

Iceland's Competition Authority has extended its in-depth investigation into the sale of the country’s key telecommunications infrastructure after dismissing the purchaser's proposed commitments as insufficient to remedy its competition concerns.

15 August 2022

Iceland seeks remedies to clear major telecoms tie-up

The proposed sale of Iceland’s largest telecommunications infrastructure provider to French private equity firm Ardian has been complicated by the national competition authority’s demand for “burdensome” remedies, the seller has claimed.

20 July 2022

Publishing merger abandoned in Iceland

One of the world's biggest audiobook service providers and Iceland's largest book publisher have called-off their proposed tie-up after the Icelandic Competition Authority issued a statement of objections to the companies.

08 January 2021

Iceland issues rare merger block

Iceland’s Competition Authority has blocked a three-to-two merger between two private radiology companies, opposing a deal for only the ninth time in over a decade.

04 September 2020

Competition enforcers tackle coronavirus

Enforcers in Poland, the UK, Iceland and Armenia are using their powers to aid in their respective governments’ responses to the global coronavirus outbreak.

06 March 2020


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

Icelandic enforcer opposes draft competition bill

Iceland’s competition authority has spoken out against proposed amendments to the country’s competition law, claiming the draft bill will significantly weaken its enforcement powers and lower the general public’s standard of living.

04 November 2019

Icelandic court rules shipping investigation is legal

An Icelandic court has dismissed a shipping company’s claim that the competition authority’s investigation into the company for alleged collusion and abuse of dominance lacks evidence.

14 October 2019

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