Region: Hong Kong

Hong Kong enforcer mulls appeal despite winning

Hong Kong’s competition watchdog remains undecided about whether it will appeal against a ruling that requires it to prove competition violations beyond a reasonable doubt, the enforcer’s chief executive has said.

24 May 2019

Hong Kong court brings legal certainty with initial rulings

The president of Hong Kong’s Competition Tribunal has provided greater legal certainty through a pair of cartel decisions that closely follow EU precedent, lawyers in the territory have said.

21 May 2019

Hong Kong enforcer wins first two antitrust trials

Hong Kong’s Competition Commission proved the existence of hardcore anticompetitive agreements beyond a reasonable doubt in its first-ever cartel cases, a judge at the territory’s Competition Tribunal has held.

17 May 2019

Hong Kong’s competition watchdog criticises franchised taxi proposal

A proposed law establishing a regulatory regime for the introduction of franchised taxi services in Hong Kong raises competition concerns, the territory’s antitrust watchdog has said.

03 May 2019

Hong Kong supplements leniency with cooperation policy

Companies that do not apply for leniency can now secure a discount of up to 50% from a cartel fine if they admit their wrongdoing and cooperate with investigations, Hong Kong’s competition watchdog has said.

29 April 2019

Hong Kong to amend enforcement policy

Hong Kong’s antitrust watchdog plans to revise its leniency programme and introduce several new enforcement policies by this summer, a senior official at the agency has said.

08 March 2019

Hong Kong pharma group seeks exemption

The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry has asked the territory’s competition watchdog to allow it to collect and distribute certain non-price sales data for prescription and over-the-counter products in Hong Kong and Macau.

04 February 2019

Port alliance probed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s antitrust enforcer is investigating whether a new alliance between four port terminal operators at the territory’s main container shipping facility runs afoul of competition law.

10 January 2019

Hong Kong defendants argue for divergence from EU

Antitrust jurisprudence in Europe has created uncertainty and Hong Kong’s Competition Tribunal should pave a different path, counsel to two companies fighting cartel claims at the specialist court have argued.

21 December 2018

Defence must prove cartel efficiencies, Hong Kong enforcer insists

It is up to the defendants accused of a cartel to prove that efficiencies from their alleged market allocation scheme offset the harm from their otherwise anticompetitive behaviour, counsel to Hong Kong’s Competition Commission has argued.

19 December 2018

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