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No proof of harm should mitigate fine, cartelists tell Hong Kong tribunal

Counsel to two companies that engaged in a decorators’ cartel urged Hong Kong’s specialist competition tribunal to consider the absence of proof of loss and damage when handing down a fine.

15 January 2020

Hong Kong enforcer seeks legal certainty with first cartel fines

Hong Kong’s antitrust watchdog has told the territory’s specialist competition tribunal that it hopes the punishment handed to a decorators' cartel ensures legal certainty.

14 January 2020

Indian Summer: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 25 October 2019

In a busy week for antitrust news in Asia Pacific, the Competition Commission of India is investigating an airport operator based on an essential facility theory of harm, but also suffered a defeat in court for not having deferred to a sector regulator. Elsewhere, decisions emerged from the competition watchdogs in Singapore and Hong Kong; and we also caught up with Hong Kong’s Competition Commission.

25 October 2019

Hong Kong enforcer denies pharma group’s exemption request

The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s plans to collect and distribute certain non-price sales data will not be immune from antitrust liability, the territory’s competition watchdog has held.

23 October 2019

Catching up with Hong Kong's competition enforcer

Jindrich Kloub, the director of enforcement at the Hong Kong Competition Commission, spoke at GCR Live Singapore in March about the latest developments affecting one of the world’s newest enforcers. We have an update from the commission about the key work of the past six months and what lies ahead.

22 October 2019

Competition inquisition: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 18 October 2019

The theme of this week’s Tipline has to be all the new inquiries and investigations around the Asia-Pacific region. Two competition authorities have decided to take a closer look at the food industry, while some other watchdogs are examining more targeted issues.

17 October 2019

IBA week: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 27 September 2019

It was a bit of a slower week in Asia-Pacific, and GCR was on the ground in Seoul for the International Bar Association’s annual conference. Check out our coverage in tomorrow’s USA briefing of one of Apple’s top lawyers and his take on antitrust scrutiny of the major technology companies.

26 September 2019

Appeal season: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 28 June 2019

Some important appeals are now on the docket. For the well-established Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the appeal will focus on whether the country’s Federal Court can accept a remedy that the antitrust watchdog found to be insufficient. For the fledgling Hong Kong Competition Commission, appeals have been filed against its victories in the territory’s first two cartel cases. It has also been an active week elsewhere in Asia-Pacific, with a couple of price-fixing decisions, the resignation of a competition boss and more.

27 June 2019

Hong Kong enforcer: Competition concerns could explain slow tech progress

Competition concerns could help explain the lack of digital technology options – especially in the financial services and insurance industries – in Hong Kong, the head of the territory’s antitrust watchdog has said.

20 June 2019

Learning to fly

Equipped with a new competition law as of December 2015, Hong Kong has embarked on an ambitious journey to bring strong enforcement to one of the world’s richest, but smallest, territories. Charles McConnell watches the fledgling enforcer’s first forays into antitrust.

03 June 2019

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