Region: Hong Kong

Brent Snyder: the GCR exit interview

Brent Snyder stepped down as the chief executive of Hong Kong’s Competition Commission on 28 November after more than three years in the role. He sat down with Charles McConnell just days before departing the agency to discuss the precedent set during his tenure and the challenges in bringing abuse of dominance cases under a criminal standard of proof.

11 December 2020

Hong Kong government now more aware of competition issues, Snyder says

Hong Kong's antitrust watchdog has improved its relationship with the territory's government, and the latter is now far more conscious of competition issues when considering new policies, the enforcer's outgoing head has said.

07 December 2020

Snyder advises successor to “stay the course” as he leaves Hong Kong’s enforcer

The outgoing head of Hong Kong’s fledgling competition enforcer has advised his successor to “stay the course” and continue bringing cases based on sound legal and economic analysis.

04 December 2020

Hong Kong confirms port alliance commitments

Hong Kong’s Competition Commission has accepted behavioural commitments from an alliance of four port terminal operators in response to its concerns that their joint venture could restrict competition.

02 November 2020

Hong Kong accepts behavioural commitments to remedy port alliance concerns

An alliance of four port terminal operators at Hong Kong’s main container shipping facility must commit to maintaining prices and quality for certain services, the territory’s competition watchdog has decided.

12 August 2020

Hong Kong tribunal approves first cartel settlement

Hong Kong’s specialist competition court has approved a settlement between the territory’s competition authority, two construction companies and one individual, as the defendants admitted to fixing prices and allocating customers at a public housing estate.

22 July 2020

Snyder to leave Hong Kong enforcer

Brent Snyder, the chief executive at Hong Kong’s Competition Commission, has decided not to renew his term and will step down by 2021.

30 June 2020

First competition fines issued in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s specialist competition court has outlined a four-step approach to calculating how to penalise anticompetitive conduct after handing down its first ever antitrust fines.

29 April 2020

Hong Kong appoints new competition chair

Anna Wu Hung-yuk, who has chaired Hong Kong’s competition enforcer since it was established in 2013, will step down at the end of this week.

28 April 2020, Expedia and to remove parity clauses in Hong Kong, Expedia and have offered to remove potentially anticompetitive clauses from their contracts with accommodation providers in Hong Kong, the territory’s competition watchdog has disclosed.

31 March 2020

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