Region: Finland

Finnish enforcer calls for lower merger notification thresholds

Finland’s turnover thresholds for notifying mergers must be lowered to prevent harmful deals from escaping antitrust scrutiny, the country’s competition watchdog has said.

16 June 2021

Finland imposes first upfront buyer remedy on Scandinavian spirits merger

Competition authorities in Sweden and Finland have conditionally cleared the proposed combination of two Nordic alcohol suppliers, marking the first time the Finnish enforcer has required an upfront buyer remedy.

30 April 2021

Finnish court reduces insulation cartel fines

Finland's Market Court has fined two building insulation manufacturers a total of €3.2 million for fixing styrofoam prices, although it reduced the total sanctions because the national competition enforcer failed to prove that the conspiracy lasted as long as it claimed.

05 March 2021

Finland proposes fining property management cartel

Finland's competition watchdog has asked the country's Market Court to fine six property management companies and the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation a total of €22 million for price fixing.

11 February 2021

ECJ rules on bid-rigging infringement periods

Bid rigging schemes end on the date that the infringing company signs a contract with the party that put out the tender, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

14 January 2021

Third Nordic enforcer takes drinks merger to Phase II

A tie-up between leading Nordic alcoholic drinks companies Altia and Arcus is receiving in-depth scrutiny in Finland, Norway and Sweden over concerns that the deal will significantly impede competition.

11 January 2021

Three-to-two healthcare deal collapses in Finland

A Finnish court has refused to rule on the merits of a private healthcare deal due to its collapse, despite the companies indicating they would recommence merger proceedings if they received a favourable judgment.

05 January 2021

From the enforcer: Competition and Consumer Authority

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18 December 2020


Featured in GCR 100 2021

Much of Finland's competition bar advises on high-profile mergers that are investigated by the national authority and by the European Commission.

11 December 2020

Finland clears cash handling deal with behavioural commitments

Finland’s competition enforcer has cleared a vertical merger between cash handling company Loomis and bank machine operator Automatia, subject to the merged entity granting rivals access to its cash points and other services.

15 October 2020

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