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EU: Intel decision is not “fictional analysis”

The conditional rebates that Intel granted customers in return for exclusivity demonstrate a clear strategy to foreclose rivals from the chipset market, the European Commission has argued.

13 March 2020

EU’s economic analysis a “disgrace”, Intel alleges

The European Commission’s Intel decision is a fundamentally flawed “witch hunt” against the chipmaker, Intel has argued to the EU General Court.

12 March 2020

Economists square off over AEC test at Intel hearing

Intel’s economic expert has said the as-efficient competitor test can “distinguish the good from the bad”, while the European Commission’s chief competition economist has argued for a more “holistic” approach to assessing conditional rebates.

11 March 2020

Intel wants a “second bite at the cherry”, EU tells General Court

Intel has kicked off its second appearance before the EU’s General Court to contest the European Commission’s abuse of dominance fine, as the EU enforcer repeatedly sought to limit the scope of hearing.

10 March 2020

EU secures commitments from Romanian gas supplier

Romania’s state-owned gas supplier, Transgaz, has agreed to supply other EU member states with a minimum quantity of natural gas to resolve a European Commission antitrust probe.

06 March 2020

FTC official: Illumina/PacBio was a “future innovation story”

The US Federal Trade Commission’s deputy director of competition has shed light on her agency’s challenge to the now-abandoned Illumina/Pacific Biosciences deal.

27 February 2020

Valletti decries consumer welfare standard

The consumer welfare standard is a “very imperfect system” that could be supplanted by “almost anything else”, the former chief competition economist for the EU has said.

26 February 2020

Algorithms pose “serious” competition risk, Portuguese enforcer claims

The president of Portugal’s competition authority has warned of a “future of rampant tacit collusion” brought about by advanced algorithms.

26 February 2020

EU overenforces in digital markets as US underenforces, says Melamed

The European Commission lacks an adequate fact-finding process and suffers from “insufficient discipline” when enforcing in digital markets, a former acting head of the US Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

26 February 2020

EU fines hotel group for partitioning the single market

The European Commission has fined Meliá Hotels €6.7 million for including anticompetitive clauses in its contracts with tour operators that geographically restricted sales of hotel rooms.

21 February 2020

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