Region: European Union

Broadcom proposes commitments to end EU interim measures

Broadcom has offered to stop imposing semi-exclusivity requirements on purchasers of its chipsets, in the hope of resolving the European Commission’s abuse of dominance investigation.

27 April 2020

Vestager: EU may introduce competition rules for “digital gatekeepers”

The European Commission is considering imposing legal obligations on gatekeepers of digital platforms to remedy or prevent “commercial imbalances”, the EU’s competition commissioner has said.

24 April 2020

DG Comp official: EU is considering “restorative or prescriptive” antitrust remedies

A senior official at the European Commission has said it is considering whether it needs to impose broader remedies in antitrust cases that go beyond the usual “cease and desist” requirements.

24 April 2020

EU conditionally clears Mylan/Upjohn

The European Commission has required Mylan divest generic drug businesses in 20 countries to merge with Pfizer’s Upjohn division.

23 April 2020

Vestager: EU states should buy shares in companies to prevent takeovers

Margrethe Vestager has reportedly encouraged EU states to buy shares in companies to alleviate concerns that the coronavirus could leave some businesses open to takeovers by foreign state-owned enterprises.

14 April 2020

DG Comp official: state aid amendments will “incentivise” coronavirus research

The European Commission has introduced additional temporary state aid measures so EU member states can more easily fund research, infrastructure and equipment related to potential covid-19 treatments.

14 April 2020

EU issues rare guidance letter on coronavirus collaboration

The European Commission has blessed a pharmaceutical cooperation scheme spearheaded by Medicines for Europe under new rules that permit competitor collaboration to ensure the supply of essential products during the covid-19 pandemic.

09 April 2020

Coronavirus is hindering merger review, DG Comp official says

The covid-19 pandemic has caused “significant challenges” for the European Commission during “one of the most important merger waves” in EU merger control history, a senior official at the enforcer has said.

08 April 2020

Vestager: Lifetime appointments can comply with EU law

A national law enabling the president of Romania’s Competition Council to hold office for life does not run counter to the ECN+ Directive, the EU’s competition commissioner has said.

06 April 2020

Horizontal exemption rules “unlikely to suffice” in the face of digitisation, critics say

The European Commission’s horizontal block exemption regulations fail to adequately provide for procompetitive cooperation in the digital economy, lawyers and market players have said.

01 April 2020

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