Region: Egypt

Egypt uncovers two big-rigging cartels

The Egyptian Competition Authority has identified two separate cartels that rigged tender procedures run by public electricity distributors to purchase street lamp posts and galvanised steel pipes.

02 February 2023

Egyptian enforcer cracks open criminal egg cartel case

The Egyptian Competition Authority has alleged that four egg brokers colluded to fix the price of egg cartons sold to retailers in several parts of the country for nearly two years.

02 August 2022

Egypt: a closer look at the part played by the Egyptian Competition Authority

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

The Egyptian Competition Authority is the main regulatory body for competition in Egypt, responding to breaches of the country's Competition Law and initiating investigations into priority markets it considers vital to the economy.

24 June 2022

Arab Competition Network launches

Antitrust enforcers in the Middle East and Africa have come together to create the Arab Competition Network, which will provide a platform for members to work on cross-border antitrust cases and increase advocacy efforts.

23 March 2022

African enforcers adopt joint approach in digital markets

Competition authorities in Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa have announced plans to harmonise merger notification frameworks and start sharing information as part of a push to “work more closely” in scrutinising digital markets across Africa.

21 February 2022

Egypt proposes first-ever Arab Competition Network

The head of the Egyptian Competition Authority has announced plans for the creation of an Arab Competition Network to enhance cross-border cooperation between antitrust enforcers in the Middle East.

07 December 2021

Egyptian court fines chicken cartel

An Egyptian court has fined five of the country’s major poultry brokers more than €8 million for colluding to fix the price of chicken to the detriment of consumers and chicken breeders.

16 April 2021

Egypt names new competition head

The Egyptian government has appointed Mahmoud Momtaz to chair the country’s antitrust watchdog, just two years after he left his position as head of competition policy at the agency.

06 January 2021

Egyptian authority head steps down

Egypt’s government has appointed Ibrahim El Seginy to lead the country’s competition authority after its former chair Amir Nabil resigned two years before his term was due to end.

02 November 2020

Egypt clears Uber/Careem with data access remedies

Egypt’s Competition Authority has cleared Uber’s acquisition of rival ride-hailing app Careem, subject to several behavioural commitments, including handing over certain data to a potential rival.

02 January 2020

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