Region: Egypt

Egyptian court fines chicken cartel

An Egyptian court has fined five of the country’s major poultry brokers more than €8 million for colluding to fix the price of chicken to the detriment of consumers and chicken breeders.

16 April 2021

Egypt names new competition head

The Egyptian government has appointed Mahmoud Momtaz to chair the country’s antitrust watchdog, just two years after he left his position as head of competition policy at the agency.

06 January 2021

Egyptian authority head steps down

Egypt’s government has appointed Ibrahim El Seginy to lead the country’s competition authority after its former chair Amir Nabil resigned two years before his term was due to end.

02 November 2020

Egypt clears Uber/Careem with data access remedies

Egypt’s Competition Authority has cleared Uber’s acquisition of rival ride-hailing app Careem, subject to several behavioural commitments, including handing over certain data to a potential rival.

02 January 2020


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

Apple ordered to change distribution agreements in Egypt

Egypt’s Competition Authority has demanded that Apple remove restrictions in its contracts with distributors, which it said constitute exclusive agreements in violation of competition law.

11 December 2018


30 October 2018

Egypt could stop potential Uber/Careem deal

Egypt’s Competition Authority will attempt to block any deal between Uber and Careem by relying on the country’s laws that prohibit anticompetitive agreements or abuse of dominance, a source close to the authority has said.

13 August 2018

Egypt imposes interim measures on FIFA for World Cup TV rights

Egypt’s competition enforcer has ordered the Fédération Internationale de Football Association to “immediately” make available the rights to broadcast 22 selected World Cup games to Egyptian terrestrial television.

11 June 2018

New leadership at Middle Eastern antitrust agencies

Egypt’s competition authority has appointed a new chair and nine board members, while Kuwait’s authority has named Mishal Al-Wazzan as its new executive director.

15 May 2018

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