Region: Denmark

Danish court rules cover bidding is anticompetitive

A court in Denmark has fined two construction companies and their senior executives for bid-rigging, overturning a lower court ruling finding the competition authority had not produced enough evidence to prove collusion.

08 January 2020

Denmark issues record high antitrust fine

An ambulance service provider that abused its dominance by smearing a rival must pay 30 million kroner (€4.01 million), a Danish court has ruled.

17 December 2019

RPM fine upheld against hair products company

Hair products wholesaler Icon Hairspa violated Denmark’s competition law by demanding that its dealers not sell Kevin Murphy products cheaper than a certain price, an appellate court has ruled.

17 December 2019

Denmark upholds Nets abuse of dominance decision

A Danish appeals court has upheld a competition authority decision finding payment service provider Nets abused its dominant position by imposing exclusivity agreements on customers.

27 September 2019

Norway proposes €2 million gun-jumping fine

Norway’s competition authority has issued a statement of objections to a national supermarket chain for gun jumping, with the enforcer looking at fines of €2 million.

17 July 2019

Danish enforcer yields to transport ministry in airport abuse probe

Denmark’s competition authority has closed a decade-long dispute over whether Copenhagen Airport was required to grant a rival terminal operator access, as the Danish government determined current aviation regulation did not warrant amending.

08 July 2019

Petrol company fined for gun-jumping

Circle K has paid a €803,724 fine for failing to notify Denmark’s competition authority that it acquired 72 service stations in 2016.

02 July 2019

Nordic enforcers reject politicisation of EU merger control

Competition, not politics, should determine EU merger policy, the heads of five Nordic competition authorities have said, as they add their voices to criticism directed at the French and German governments for proposing radical changes to the EU’s merger regime.

28 June 2019

Denmark launches legal services market study

Denmark’s competition authority has begun a market study examining several aspects of the domestic legal services market, including potential barriers to entry.

08 February 2019

Smear campaign abused dominance in Denmark

A company abused its dominant position in the market for ambulance services by running a campaign to discredit a rival and dissuade ambulance staff from joining it, Denmark’s antitrust enforcer has found.

04 February 2019

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