Region: Denmark

Danish tribunal upholds advertising market-sharing decision

Demark’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has upheld a decision finding two media companies violated competition law when one agreed not to contact the other’s customers.

15 June 2018

ECJ: gun-jumping requires a shift in control

The European Court of Justice has ruled that gun-jumping can only occur when a business decision contributes to a “lasting change of control” over one of the merging companies, irrespective of that decision’s effect on a particular market.

31 May 2018

Denmark charges demolition companies with bid-rigging

Denmark’s prosecutor has issued charges against six demolition companies and several senior executives for allegedly forming a cartel affecting more than 90 contracts over two-and-a-half years, which may result in prison sentences for bid-rigging.

19 April 2018

Danish enforcer sends camping case to prosecutor

Denmark’s competition appeal tribunal has upheld a decision finding campsites illegally restricted competition by requiring all campers to obtain a camping card, which the sites agreed to sell at a fixed price.

18 April 2018

DG Comp probes grid operator for cross-border limits

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition has launched an investigation into German electricity grid operator TenneT for limiting electricity supply across the Danish and German border.

19 March 2018

Pharma price hike attracts abuse action in Denmark

Denmark’s competition enforcer has referred CD Pharma to the country’s criminal prosecutor, after finding the drug distributor abused its dominant position when it raised the price of a stimulant drug by 2000%.

31 January 2018

Denmark takes aim at camera dealers

A camera distributors’ association will face criminal charges after Denmark’s Competition Council found its members had colluded to fix prices.

08 December 2017

Danish court upholds merger fines

A court in Denmark has upheld the state prosecutor’s decision to fine a supermarket company for withholding information about a potential buyer in a merger notification process.

17 November 2017

Denmark refers postal distributors for prosecution

Denmark's Competition and Consumer Authority has referred a customer-sharing agreement to prosecutors after finding it barred a media company from contacting a rival's customers.

31 August 2017

Denmark fines plumbing company

Danish prosecutors have fined a plumbing company 1 million kroner (€130,000) in a settlement agreement.

15 August 2017

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