Region: Chile

Telefonica not dominant, rules Chile’s Supreme Court

Chile’s Supreme Court on Monday upheld the competition tribunal’s 2016 ruling that a Telefonica subsidiary’s termination of thousands of mobile lines did not constitute an abuse of dominance.

10 January 2018

Chilean Supreme Court greenlights cartel class action

Chile’s Supreme Court has overturned a lower court decision that had blocked a consumer collective action against paper product maker SCA, which has been fined for its role in the tissue products cartel.

14 December 2017

Chilean tribunal throws out supermarket lawsuit

Chile’s competition tribunal has thrown out a consumer association’s lawsuit that claimed a supermarket chain had failed to notify a merger, and breached conditions imposed on a previous deal when it acquired a 30-year shopping centre lease.

17 November 2017

Chile clears AT&T/Time Warner

Chile's competition enforcer has cleared the $85.4 billion (€72 billion) AT&T/Time Warner merger with behavioural conditions.

05 September 2017

Chile goes after pharmaceutical labs for bid-rigging

Chile's competition watchdog has referred an investigation of two pharmaceutical laboratory companies to its competition tribunal, recommending a 224 million Chilean pesos (€295,000) fine after finding the companies colluded to rig bids in a state-run pharmaceutical tender.

19 July 2017

Uber faces interim measure from Chilean taxi drivers

Fifty-eight taxi drivers have asked the tribunal of Chile’s competition enforcer to grant an interim measure forcing Uber to hand over sensitive documents, and have indicated they will seek US$23.7 million (€23 million) in fines for abuse of dominance.

14 March 2017

Chile competition court seeks to end Transbank monopoly of card payments

Chile’s competition court has recommended regulatory changes to open up the country’s card payment market to new entrants.

18 January 2017


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12 December 2016

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11 November 2016

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24 October 2016

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