Region: Chile

Chilean constitutional redraft will specify competition violations

Chile’s new constitution will explicitly prohibit cartels, abuse of dominance and harmful mergers, the head of the country’s antitrust agency has revealed.

07 April 2022

Chilean court dismisses due process breach claim

Chile’s Constitutional Court has quashed a security company’s complaint that its rights were violated when the country’s competition enforcer denied it full access to evidentiary files, allowing a trial it suspended nearly three months ago to recommence.

01 April 2022

Chilean enforcer seeks to quash due process violation claim

Chile’s antitrust watchdog has called on the country’s Constitutional Court to reject a security company’s claim that its rights were violated when it was denied full access to evidentiary files as it prepared to respond to allegations it was involved in a cartel.

28 February 2022

Chile clears Discovery/WarnerMedia with behavioural remedies

The Chilean antitrust watchdog has imposed conditions on Discovery’s acquisition of AT&T’s WarnerMedia, on the same day that the companies announced the $43 billion deal received no antitrust opposition in the US.

10 February 2022

Chile blocks private health insurance tie-up

The Chilean antitrust watchdog has blocked a proposed private health insurance deal after the merging parties failed to substantiate their cost-savings efficiencies defence or offer structural remedies during an in-depth probe.

04 February 2022

Chilean tribunal fines aerial firefighting cartel

Chile’s competition tribunal has fined two forest firefighting companies over €5.7 million for forming a cartel that rigged bids and fixed the price of aircrafts used to combat forest fires.

28 January 2022

Chilean enforcer targets ex-finance minister in first interlocking directorates cases

The Chilean antitrust watchdog is seeking its first sanctions for violations of the country’s interlocking directorates prohibition in two separate cases involving the country’s former finance minister, a local businessman and five financial institutions.

06 January 2022


Featured in GCR 100 2022

As Chilean lawmakers mull proposed changes to the country’s competition rules, local antitrust lawyers continue to advise clients on the full spectrum of antitrust issues.

10 December 2021

Chile conditionally approves LATAM/Delta joint venture

Chile’s competition tribunal has greenlit a trans-American joint venture between Delta Air Lines and LATAM, conditioned on behavioural measures intended to prevent information exchange and potential price increases.

01 November 2021

Chile seeks record fines for cash transportation cartel

Chile’s antitrust enforcer has asked the country’s Competition Tribunal to dole out €56 million in fines to three security companies and five of their executives for alleged price-fixing.

21 October 2021

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