Region: Brazil

Brazil challenges health insurance merger over duopoly concerns

Brazil’s competition authority has asked its administrative tribunal to block Hapvida's purchase of rival Smile, less than a year after prohibiting another attempted acquisition by the health insurance provider.

25 November 2022


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25 November 2022

Brazil introduces double damages for private antitrust claims

New private antitrust litigation rules have gone live in Brazil, allowing for the rare award of double damages against cartel members and clarifying that defendants must demonstrate that pass-on actually occurred.

21 November 2022

Brazil fines silicate makers for 13-year cartel

Brazil’s competition authority has fined three manufacturers and 13 individuals a total of €11 million for colluding to fix prices, share information and divide the market for the production and supply of silicate for at least 13 years.

14 November 2022

CADE punishes air fuel cartel

Brazil’s antitrust watchdog has fined São Paulo’s main international airport and three jet fuel distributors a total of €27.4 million for unlawfully refusing to lease storage space to a rival, in a decision that saw the agency’s tribunal split on how to calculate the penalty.

14 November 2022

CADE head calls to investigate poor-performing pollsters amidst heated presidential election

The president of Brazil’s antitrust enforcer has asked his agency to probe if several research institutes colluded to manipulate election polling results – and ultimately the country’s general elections.

19 October 2022

CADE fines road repair cartel member

Brazil's competition authority has fined a vehicle rental business €3.3 million for rigging bids to rent equipment and vehicles for the conservation and improvement of rural roads in the state of Paraná.

06 October 2022

CADE limits beer exclusivity during World Cup

Following allegations from Heineken that Ambev paid merchants not to sell rival beers, Brazil’s competition authority has forbidden the brewer from signing any new exclusivity contracts until after the FIFA World Cup.

27 September 2022

CADE agrees settlements in sprawling HR information exchange probe

Brazil’s competition authority has signed settlement agreements with six healthcare companies and 35 individuals after they agreed to pay a total of €6.7 million for participating in an expansive cartel that allegedly exchanged sensitive information related to hiring practices and employee salaries.

26 September 2022

CADE president criticises regulatory landscape

High market shares and increased market concentration do not necessarily lead to less competition or episodes of abusive conduct, the president of Brazil’s competition authority has said while cautioning against unnecessary sector regulation.

16 September 2022

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