Region: Australia

ACCC concerned about mortgage aggregator merger

Australia’s competition watchdog is concerned that a merger between two of Australia’s largest mortgage aggregators will reduce consumer choice.

12 February 2020

Qantas accused of capacity dumping by rival

Qantas has misused its market power by adding excessive capacity on several routes that are already extremely marginal, one of its regional competitors has alleged.

04 February 2020

BA and Qatar Airways seek antitrust immunity in Australia

British Airways and Qatar Airways have asked Australia’s competition watchdog to immunise an expanded alliance that covers nine routes from the UK to Australia through Doha.

20 January 2020

ACCC concerned about magazine deal despite digital competition

Two magazine publishers have argued that concerns by Australia’s competition watchdog about their merger do not square with the authority’s digital platforms report.

20 December 2019

ACCC gets funding for digital platforms unit

The Australian government will give the country’s competition watchdog money to set up a unit focused on digital platforms.

12 December 2019

ACCC thwarts cartel plot formed on Facebook

Directors of two roofing companies in Sydney took to Facebook to discuss a “perfect opportunity” to raise minimum prices for home repairs in the wake of a hail storm.

11 December 2019

ACCC launches first case under new market power standard

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed proceedings against a state-owned port operator for allegedly trying to prevent a rival from competing effectively.

09 December 2019

Google/Looker cleared in Europe

Austria’s Federal Competition Authority – the only enforcer in the European Economic Area to mandate notification of Google’s proposed acquisition of Looker Data Sciences – has cleared the deal unconditionally.

04 December 2019

Next week in Beijing: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 29 November 2019

This week was a bit slow in Asia-Pacific in terms of major news stories, but read on for many interesting developments on mergers, cases, authorisation requests for certain conduct and more. In addition to all of the regular content, next week we will be reporting from our inaugural conference in mainland China – GCR Live IP and Antitrust Beijing. Enforcement officials from China, Japan and the US are scheduled to speak on topics including intellectual property and industrial policy.

29 November 2019

Sims concerned about Google/Fitbit

Google’s proposed acquisition of Fitbit creates uncertainty about the personal health data that consumers provided to the health tracking company under specific terms and conditions, the head of Australia’s antitrust agency has said.

19 November 2019

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