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Claimant suing Meta and Google offers undertakings to resolve conflict of interest

A class representative suing Meta and Google in Australia for allegedly conspiring to ban all crypto-related advertising has offered commitments to resolve a perceived conflict of interest stemming from his dual roles as class representative and head of the litigation funder.

03 February 2023

Travel agent group urges ACCC to put guardrails on airline alliances

Australia’s main association for travel agents has warned that extensions to alliances between flag carrier Qantas Airways and international rivals Emirates and China Eastern Airlines will do nothing to quell the rising cost of airfares.

03 February 2023

Crypto class action doomed by fatal conflict of interest, Meta argues

Counsel to Facebook and Google have argued that an Australian court should dismiss a class action alleging they conspired to ban all crypto-related advertising because the class representative also runs the company funding the lawsuit.

02 February 2023

Tokyo Olympics cartel probe reportedly secures another confession

Japanese advertising company Dentsu Group has reportedly admitted to colluding to rig dozens of bids to advertise and plan test events for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, less than two months after rival Hakuhodo purportedly confessed its role in the infringement.

31 January 2023

Malaysian enforcer rebuts claims it failed to address toll road monopoly

The chair of Malaysia’s antitrust watchdog has responded “to the grave allegations” made by a major industry association that it failed to stop anticompetitive conduct by a toll road monopolist, insisting that the alleged conduct falls outside of its remit.

31 January 2023

Indonesian enforcer uncovers tying practices in cooking oil sector

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has promised to root out anticompetitive conduct in the country’s cooking oil market after a survey found evidence that producers are tying bulk purchases to other products and charging above a government-regulated price cap.

31 January 2023

CCI hits merger review standstill over unprecedented lack of commissioners​​​​​

India’s government is considering allowing the national competition authority to issue merger clearances despite a lack of quorum on its decision-making board, which has forced the agency to suspend all deal approvals since October.

31 January 2023

Korea seeks criminal charges for cartel probe obstruction

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission is seeking criminal charges against a domestic truckers’ union for obstructing the agency’s cartel-related dawn raid by refusing access to its headquarters amid a nationwide protest over freight rates.

25 January 2023

Australia seeks feedback on construction chemicals merger remedies

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has begun consulting on the local aspects of a global divestment package proposed by Sika as it seeks approval for its €5.1 billion acquisition of rival chemical admixture supplier MBCC.

20 January 2023

Google must comply with far-reaching Android commitments after Indian ruling

India’s highest court has refused to suspend the national antitrust enforcer’s decision to fine Google €152 million and impose a slew of behavioural remedies on the technology company that will significantly alter its global Android business model.

20 January 2023

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