Region: Asia-Pacific

Australian court accused of issuing “misleading” judgment

The chief executive of a major Australian port has rejected as “baseless and misleading” a court’s finding that it was “fanciful” or “far-fetched” to think his company would develop a container terminal to compete with a rival.

23 July 2021

Epic uninterested in combining Apple and Google cases in Australia

Counsel to Epic Games has said its monopolisation lawsuits against Apple and Google only overlap in a limited way so the judge overseeing both cases should keep them separate.

23 July 2021

The Asia-Pacific Round-up (23 July 2021)

News in brief from the Asia-Pacific region… Flipkart continues to fight against an Indian antitrust probe, having asked a court to treat it differently from rival Amazon. Meanwhile, Singapore has tweaked its penalty guidelines and the Philippines has set up a task force to look at abuse of dominance in the market for housing complexes.

22 July 2021

CCI accuses Amazon of concealing facts in merger review

The Competition Commission of India has sent a show cause notice to Amazon, reportedly accusing the company of concealing facts and making false submissions when it sought approval for a 49% stake in retailer Future Coupons.

22 July 2021

ACCC turns attention to Amazon, eBay and others

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched an inquiry into online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Kogan and as part of its examination of digital platform services.

22 July 2021

New Zealand’s enforcer goes after Google Ads agreements

New Zealand’s antitrust authority is seeking a declaration from the High Court that a consumer loan company violated the country’s anti-cartel rules by allegedly agreeing with rivals not to appear in each other’s Google search results.

21 July 2021

Potential Korean price-fixing penalties face strong political pressure

The Chinese government has expressed concern over the potential imposition of major fines by Korea’s competition watchdog against 23 liner operators – including some Chinese companies – for allegedly colluding to fix freight rates.

20 July 2021

Australian bank accused of boycott with “extremist organisation”

A trade association that represents the Australian red meat industry has complained to the country’s competition authority that Bank Australia and an animal protection organisation have banded together to refuse financial services to red meat and livestock companies.

19 July 2021

The Asia-Pacific Round-up (16 July 2021)

News in brief from the Asia-Pacific region… As each week goes by, there are near constant developments in China’s “Big Tech Crackdown”, which has touched nearly every major technology company in the country. China’s competition watchdog has kept Tencent in its sights for some time, but recently took its most significant decision against the homegrown technology company – blocking outright a planned merger.

15 July 2021

CCI dismisses predatory pricing case against Uber

The Competition Commission of India has dismissed a six-year-old complaint accusing Uber of abusing its dominance by pricing its services below-cost and entering into exclusivity agreements with its drivers.

15 July 2021

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