Region: Asia-Pacific

ACCC loses appeal against group boycott decision

A judge incorrectly inferred that a decision by one of Australia’s largest private construction companies to terminate its business with a subcontractor could only be construed as an illegal boycott, an appellate court has held.

29 February 2024

Australia still reluctant to imprison individuals for cartel conduct

Australia’s criminal cartel regime is still waiting for its first prison sentences after a national court ruled two waste management executives can serve their punishments through community service and intensive supervision.

26 February 2024

Indian cartel enforcement boosted with updated leniency regime

The introduction of a leniency-plus regime in India will give much-needed impetus to the national competition authority's detection efforts amid a period of sluggish cartel enforcement.

22 February 2024

First EU foreign subsidies probe expected to leave key questions unanswered

By using its new Foreign Subsidies Regulation powers to target a Chinese company in a public procurement probe, the European Commission has picked a “textbook” first case that is expected to leave several key questions about its wider approach unanswered.

20 February 2024

ACCC defeat in ANZ/Suncorp unlikely to impact potential merger reform

A ruling by Australia’s Competition Tribunal overturning the prohibition of an acquisition by one of the country’s largest banks is unlikely to “move the dial” on merger reform, local experts have said.

20 February 2024

Japan issues first public approval for sustainability collaboration

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has allowed five petrochemical companies to collaborate on a carbon-neutral initiative, marking the first public clearance of an environmental agreement since the agency issued sustainability guidelines.

16 February 2024

New Zealand launches whistleblower tool for grocery sector

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has launched what appears to be the first sector-specific whistleblower tool to uncover anticompetitive conduct in the grocery sector.

09 February 2024

Google free to remove complainants from Play Store following Indian ruling

India’s Supreme Court has refused to extend interim measures prohibiting Google from removing a group of startups challenging its billing policy from the Play Store.

09 February 2024

Lacklustre competition directly contributes to inflation, former ACCC chair says

High concentration in several Australian markets has “added significantly to inflation”, while a “big policy gap” prevents the government from adequately addressing the issue, a former head of the national antitrust agency has said.

08 February 2024

Indonesia progresses Google payment investigation

Google may have abused its dominance by forcing developers to use its payment system on the Play Store, Indonesia’s antitrust authority has said.

06 February 2024

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