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Argentina hits AB Inbev subsidiary with maximum abuse fine

Argentina’s competition enforcer has fined an Anheuser-Busch Inbev subsidiary €1.3 million as part of its first-ever decision to penalise exclusivity provisions created through the use of loyalty discounts.

06 September 2021

Argentina hits Facebook with interim measures

Argentina's government has prevented Facebook from rolling out its updated WhatsApp privacy policy until the country’s competition authority has completed an investigation assessing whether the terms of service are anticompetitive.

18 May 2021

Firms promote in Europe and South America

Uría Menéndez and MLAB Abogados in Madrid have promoted lawyers to the partnership, along with German boutique firm Commeo and Allende & Brea in Argentina.

14 January 2021


Featured in GCR 100 2021

Investigations from Argentina’s National Commission for the Defence of Competition and an influx of international merger work is keeping the Argentinian competition bar on its toes as political manoeuvring slows long-anticipated competition reforms.

11 December 2020


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

Argentina's competition bar

As Argentina touts economic reforms, its competition bar awaits promised changes that should boost its workload. Charles McConnell checks in with the antitrust porteños.

03 June 2019

Latin American enforcers commit to leniency principles

The competition authorities of Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile have signed a joint statement on shared principles that will guide the implementation of their leniency regimes – following recent controversy in the region about the confidentiality of submitted applications.

03 December 2018

New Argentine authority expected next summer

A commissioner at Argentina's existing competition watchdog has said that plans to establish a new antitrust authority are behind schedule, but he remains optimistic that it will be in place by next summer.

29 November 2018


30 October 2018

Argentina: Competition Authority

Featured in The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2019

03 September 2018

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