Topic: Refusal to supply

Lufthansa subsidiary lambasts rival’s request for antitrust probe into codeshare agreements

A subsidiary of Lufthansa has defended its application to the Department of Transportation to codeshare with several European airlines, after a rival carrier criticised the petition as part of an anticompetitive scheme to drive it out of the market.

18 August 2021

Mexico hits drug distributors with highest possible fine

Mexico’s competition enforcer has fined five drug distributors, an industry association and 21 executives the highest possible combined sanction of €38.5 million, while also disqualifying senior company employees for the first time in its history.

17 August 2021

Telecom Italia and Vodafone settle five antitrust claims

Telecom Italia and Vodafone have agreed to end all legal disputes between themselves, including five antitrust cases that saw Vodafone seeking more than €2 billion in damages from Italy’s leading telecommunications provider.

12 August 2021

Sixth Circuit vacates preliminary injunction in St Luke’s case

The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has delivered a resounding loss to St Luke’s Hospital, determining that the Ohio healthcare provider is unlikely to show that ProMedica Health System unlawfully refused to continue doing business with it.

11 August 2021

Bulgarian enforcer accuses hospitals of restricting access to medical services

Bulgaria’s competition enforcer has accused a pair of hospitals of abusing their dominance by refusing to allow rivals access to certain medical facilities and services in their respective cities.

04 August 2021

St Luke’s faces questions over refusal-to-deal claim at Sixth Circuit oral arguments

Counsel to St Luke’s Hospital has attempted to fend off attacks from an appellate judge over its refusal-to-deal claim against ProMedica Health System.

30 July 2021

Italy dismisses refusal-to-deal complaint against medical device makers

The Italian Competition Authority has dropped an investigation into the healthcare businesses of Philips, GE and Siemens after concluding that they did not unlawfully use exclusionary strategies to stop rivals from performing maintenance on their medical diagnostic equipment.

01 June 2021

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