Topic: Refusal to supply

Italy dismisses refusal-to-deal complaint against medical device makers

The Italian Competition Authority has dropped an investigation into the healthcare businesses of Philips, GE and Siemens after concluding that they did not unlawfully use exclusionary strategies to stop rivals from performing maintenance on their medical diagnostic equipment.

01 June 2021

DOJ says refusal-to-deal lawsuit against Comcast doesn’t warrant further review

The Department of Justice has urged the Supreme Court to deny Comcast’s request to review revived tying and refusal-to-deal claims brought against the company by Viamedia.

28 May 2021

Italian enforcer fines Google over €100 million for abuse

The Italian Antitrust Authority has fined Google €102 million for abusing its dominance by refusing to permit an app that locates electric car charging stations onto its Android Auto interface.

13 May 2021

E.ON subsidiary fined for self-preferencing in Romania

Romania’s Competition Council has fined an E.ON subsidiary €6.1 million for abusing its dominance in the natural gas distribution services market by refusing to grant rivals access to an essential database.

10 May 2021

Deutsche Telekom ordered to supply rivals with broadband infrastructure

A German regulator has ordered Deutsche Telekom to continue to supply certain infrastructure for broadband connections to its rivals after the agency concluded that threats to withdraw access amount to an abuse of dominance.

22 April 2021

South African tribunal imposes interim measures on WhatsApp

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has ordered WhatsApp to temporarily refrain from removing an online “chatbot” that uses the messaging application to send covid-19 updates and test results to South Africans.

29 March 2021

ECJ upholds Slovak Telekom margin squeeze fine

The European Commission need not show that access to a particular infrastructure is “indispensable” for the purpose of proving abusive conduct, provided such access is mandated by regulation, the EU’s highest court has ruled.

25 March 2021

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