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South Africa grants supplier exemptions after civil unrest

South Africa’s government has exempted essential goods suppliers from certain competition rules restricting collaboration and information exchange after a series of riots disrupted supply chains throughout the country.

21 July 2021

Spanish judge voids Super League sanctions

A Spanish judge has accused UEFA and two national football leagues of violating a preliminary injunction and ordered them to annul all sanctions against clubs that agreed to join the proposed European Super League.

05 July 2021

House Democrats target tech platforms in draft bills

House Democrats have drafted four pieces of legislation designed to limit conduct and acquisitions involving the largest technology platforms.

11 June 2021

Mexican enforcer asks Supreme Court to thwart energy bill

Mexico’s antitrust watchdog has filed a complaint to the Supreme Court opposing a government reform bill that aims to strengthen the state-owned electricity utility, claiming the proposed law would be bad for competition.

26 April 2021

Newspapers stack up monopolisation suits against Google

Publishers of 140 newspapers, including the UK's Daily Mail, have alleged Google’s stranglehold over digital advertising has starved them of their most important source of revenue.

21 April 2021

Competition factors into SCOTUS ruling on Google and Oracle’s copyright spat

Allowing Oracle to enforce copyrights on portions of its Java programming code would allow the company to monopolise the market and effectively lock out creative new uses for it, the US Supreme Court has said.

05 April 2021

Antitrust lawyers line up to steer railway merger

Canadian Pacific plans to buy Kansas City Southern for $25 billion, a transaction that would form the first railway network connecting the US, Mexico and Canada.

23 March 2021

Bilal Sayyed: the GCR exit interview

Under Bilal Sayyed’s watch, the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of Policy Planning conducted a series of hearings evaluating the state of US antitrust enforcement, initiated a study of unreported transactions by major technology platforms and published the first update to the vertical merger guidelines in more than a quarter-century. Now a senior adjunct fellow with TechFreedom, the former director of the FTC’s policy shop reflected on his time at the agency in a conversation with GCR USA.

25 February 2021

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