Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Israeli judge approves Coca Cola class action

An Israeli court has certified a standalone class action against Coca Cola, which is accused of abusing its dominant position in the soft drinks market by setting excessive prices.

21 January 2019

AG Kokott clarifies scope of damages claims

The EU Damages Directive only applies to claims that were brought in a member state after it implemented the directive and that relate to conduct that occurred after the directive was issued, an advocate general to the European Court of Justice has said.

17 January 2019

BA should be liable for earliest cartel conduct, claimants argue

Claimants against the air cargo cartel have argued that they should be able to claim damages from British Airways dating back three years earlier than a UK trial court had ruled.

15 January 2019

Top German court rejects cartel damages test

Germany’s highest court has considered for the first time the validity of a prima facie test for evidence of antitrust damages, but rejected the test because it does not accurately reflect the realities of a market-sharing cartel.

03 January 2019

Lawyers unsure on impact of new Dutch Court

Dutch lawyers are uncertain how the establishment of a new court to hear international trade disputes will affect competition law litigation.

18 December 2018

EU is off the hook for material damages

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the EU is not liable for the costs that plastic bag manufacturer Gascogne incurred due to the length of antitrust proceedings against it.

14 December 2018

Deutsche Bahn settles with MasterCard in UK

Deutsche Bahn has settled its UK interchange fee damages claim against MasterCard, just as the case was due to be heard before the UK Supreme Court.

05 December 2018

Truck cartel damages claims will share evidence

The grouping of follow-on damages actions against members of the trucks cartel will mean that any evidence presented in one claim will be applicable as evidence for another, the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal has said.

21 November 2018

UK CAT class certification decisions can be appealed, court rules

The UK’s Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear a claimant’s challenge against the Competition Appeal Tribunal’s decision to reject class certification for a £14 billion opt-out claim against MasterCard, the court has ruled.

14 November 2018

Damages trial would reveal new information, High Court hears

More information regarding the potential involvement of the European subsidiaries of Toshiba and Panasonic in the colour picture tube cartel will come to light should the case make it to court, counsel to a follow-on damages claimant has said before the High Court for England and Wales.

08 November 2018

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