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Banks can argue pass on in forex claims, UK court rules

A UK court has confirmed that seven banks accused of colluding to manipulate the market for foreign exchange transactions can argue in their defence that claimant investment funds were able to pass on their losses to their investors.

25 February 2021

Chief judge casts doubt over jurisdiction in SmileDirectClub case

The chief judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has expressed doubt that the court can review an appeal by members of the Georgia Board of Dentistry against a decision rejecting their state-action immunity claims.

24 February 2021

Judge rejects request for full exclusion of certain evidence in rail freight case

A 40-year-old law designed to foster competition in the rail industry does not broadly protect certain discussions from antitrust scrutiny, a federal court in Washington, DC, has ruled.

23 February 2021

UK tribunal rejects Epic’s claim against Apple

Epic Games cannot sue Apple in the UK for removing its Fortnite game from the App Store, although it can bring a claim against Google for similar behaviour, the Competition Appeal Tribunal has ruled.

22 February 2021

Developer claims Apple monopolised process for signing into apps

Apple has illegally tied its dominance over mobile software to thwart competition for a service that allows users to sign in to multiple accounts with a single username and password, the app developer Blix has said.

22 February 2021

Fourth Circuit upholds first-ever divestiture involving private plaintiff

The 2012 merger between Jeld-Wen and Craftmaster created a duopoly and is the “poster child” of a case where a divestiture is appropriate, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has held.

18 February 2021

UK forex claimants passed on loss through tax savings, banks argue

Banks accused of rigging foreign exchange rates should be able to argue that claimant investment and pension funds passed on their alleged loss because they may have paid less tax, counsel to the banks has said.

17 February 2021

Royal Mail settles abuse allegations

Medical testing company Preventx has settled its standalone abuse of dominance claim against Royal Mail, six months after a UK court ordered the incumbent postal operator to temporarily continue providing it with a freepost service.

17 February 2021

UK forex claimants passed on losses, banks argue

Claimant funds seeking damages from seven banks accused of rigging foreign exchange rates should not be allowed to recover on behalf of former shareholders, the banks’ counsel has argued.

16 February 2021

UK forex claimants attempt to strike out pass-on arguments

Several banks that colluded to rig foreign exchange rates should not be allowed to argue that investment and pension funds seeking damages as a result of the cartel were able to pass on their alleged losses to their investors, counsel to the claimant funds has argued.

15 February 2021

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