Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

ABB ruling rewards cartel activity, BritNed argues

A lower court judge made a “legal error” in undercompensating a victim of the power cables cartel, with an effect that “positively rewards” the anticompetitive conduct, counsel to BritNed has said.

15 July 2019

UK mobile operator accuses rivals of collusion

EE has accused O2 and Vodafone of encouraging collusion, as the three companies defend themselves against allegations that they conspired to force Phones 4U out of the UK retail market.

25 June 2019

Canada allows vehicle shipping class action

A Canadian appeals court has partially certified a class action proceeding against companies involved in the global roll-on, roll-off vehicle shipping cartel.

31 May 2019

Five banks face follow-on FX claim in Australia

A private class action in Australian court has accused five major banks of rigging foreign exchanges rates between January 2008 and October 2013.

29 May 2019

Lower court finds Israeli jurisdiction over foreign cartel

An Israeli district court has found that cartel victims can bring claims against a foreign defendant in the optical disk drive and cathode ray tube antitrust litigations, though the alleged conduct occurred outside the country.

07 May 2019

UK tribunal opens door for expanded trucks claims

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has ordered defendants in the trucks cartel follow-on claims to disclose minutes from trade group meetings dating back to 1992, which could vastly expand the amount of potential damages paid out.

03 May 2019

Preliminary hearing necessary before trucks trial, UK tribunal rules

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has ordered a preliminary hearing to determine what facts the defendants can and cannot contest at trial in the trucks cartel follow-on damages litigation.

02 May 2019

UK tribunal ordered to re-examine class certification in MasterCard claim

A previously rejected application to certify a £14 billion opt-out class action against MasterCard has been sent back to the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal for reconsideration, after an appellate court ruled that the tribunal’s initial analysis was too vigorous and premature.

16 April 2019

National rules time-barring competition claims can violate EU law, General Court says

The EU’s General Court has said that a Portuguese law barring follow-on damages claims filed over three years after the anticompetitive conduct occurred is incompatible with EU law because it makes damages excessively difficult to collect.

28 March 2019

French appeal court rejects predatory pricing claim

A dessert maker’s stand-alone abuse of dominance claim lacked evidence and relied solely on the result of a pending government investigation, a French appeal court has ruled.

19 March 2019

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