Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

CMA panel member can be expert witness in standalone antitrust claim, UK court rules

A UK judge has permitted a panel member from the country’s competition enforcer to act as an expert economist in a defunct retailer’s standalone antitrust claim alleging that major mobile network operators colluded to force it out of the market.

28 October 2021

AG Rantos calls to limit damages directive in trucks cartel claims

Trucks cartel claimants cannot rely on the five-year limitation period or the presumption of harm laid out in the EU damages directive, an advocate general at the European Court of Justice has said.

28 October 2021

Ninth Circuit rejects allegations of conspiracy between German automakers

A class of car dealers has failed to demonstrate that five German automakers conspired to fix prices of steel and agreed not to innovate and produce electric vehicles, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled.

27 October 2021

Australian judge criticises Facebook accuser in private antitrust case

An Australian judge has criticised a third-party social media service provider for using private litigation against Facebook to preserve its business model rather than obtain relief consistent with its misuse of market power and unconscionability allegations.

25 October 2021

Australian judge grapples with US privacy order in Facebook antitrust case

An Australian judge has questioned if his order prohibiting Facebook from terminating or suspending access to its platforms to a third-party service provider is in conflict with a US Federal Trade Commission requirement governing Facebook’s approach to data privacy.

22 October 2021

Facebook uses rival’s settlement offer to undermine private enforcement claim in Australia

Facebook has told an Australian court that a settlement offer made by third party social media services provider Sked Social undermines claims that the platform misused its market power by terminating their relationship.

22 October 2021

Forex defendants shot down in UK disclosure request

A UK judge has lambasted some of the world’s biggest banks for not giving claimants enough time to respond to a disclosure application arising in a damages claim seeking compensation for the alleged manipulation of foreign exchange rates.

20 October 2021

CAT certifies third-ever UK competition class action

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has certified its third-ever class action, authorising Justin Gutmann to lead a £93 million standalone abuse of dominance claim against two UK train operators for allegedly overcharging passengers for travelcard train tickets.

19 October 2021

DOJ: District court erred in dismissing FIFA lawsuit

A federal court in Manhattan set too high a bar for the advancement of a sports promoter’s case accusing the world’s soccer governing body of illegally conspiring to allocate competitive matches, the Department of Justice has said.

18 October 2021

Intel’s patent aggregation suit dismissed despite “compelling” narrative

Intel made a compelling argument for how patent aggregation could violate federal antitrust law but failed to provide enough supporting evidence, a federal court in San Francisco has ruled.

13 October 2021

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