Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Microsoft says Xbox does not compete for mobile gamers

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, does not compete with gaming consoles over video game sales, a Microsoft executive has told a California federal court hearing Epic Games’ monopolisation case against Apple.

06 May 2021

Judge questions Epic about ‘Plan B’ if equitable relief is denied

The federal judge presiding over Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple has asked Epic's chief executive Tim Sweeney about his backup plan if she rules in favour of the iPhone-maker.

05 May 2021

Epic Games and Apple quarrel over fairness at trial opening

Epic Games and Apple have presented a California federal court with clashing portraits of the App Store ecosystem and whether the iPhone-maker’s restrictions on distribution and payments are justified.

04 May 2021

First antitrust class action filed in Norway

A consumer association has launched Norway’s first class action seeking competition damages, as it pursues compensation on behalf of 400,000 customers allegedly injured when two home alarm companies colluded to share the market.

30 April 2021

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