Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Interchange fee scheme not an unlawful agreement, Visa’s counsel argues

Visa has told a UK court that its multilateral interchange fees are comparable to the rules that Apple sets for its App Store in an attempt to prove that the credit card company’s scheme does not breach laws that restrict anticompetitive agreements.

13 May 2021

Judge: Epic v Apple is no Amex

A California federal judge has rejected an assertion by an Apple-hired economist that the anti-steering provisions deemed lawful in the Supreme Court's American Express decision are “analytically, exactly the same” as the App Store rules challenged by Epic Games.

13 May 2021

UK interchange fee claimants seek early blow against Visa and Mastercard

A group of 479 retailers have urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to rule against Visa and Mastercard for infringing rules that prohibit anticompetitive agreements when charging their multilateral interchange fees.

12 May 2021

Epic’s economic experts criticise Apple's app restrictions

Economic experts instructed by Epic Games have taken aim at the restrictions Apple imposes on app developers, including anti-steering provisions that prevent app makers from informing users of payment methods outside of Apple’s App Store.

12 May 2021

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