Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Craft brewer seeks to break up distribution “monopoly”

A craft brewery has accused the largest US beer distributor of monopolising the Californian alcohol distribution market through a wave of mergers and coordinated threats.

14 April 2022

China’s top court revokes anticompetitive patent settlement

China’s top court has held that a patent settlement between a pair of technology companies violated the country’s antitrust law by containing cartel provisions, including price-fixing clauses.

13 April 2022

UK court scolds Cleary Gottlieb for failure to justify fees in LCD cartel claim

Competition litigation is not a reason to charge solicitors’ fees above the guideline rates without some further “clear and compelling” justification, a UK appellate court has ruled.

12 April 2022

Damages claims evidence includes documents that do not yet exist, AG Szpunar says

EU law on the disclosure of evidence in antitrust damages claims could require companies involved in follow-on litigation to compile and produce brand new documents, an advocate general at the European Court of Justice has said.

07 April 2022

Australian judge attempts to set roadmap for Epic’s litigation against Apple and Google

An Australian judge has pushed back the trial date for Epic Games’ monopolisation lawsuit against Apple by more than 15 months to March 2024, while leaving open the possibility of combining that trial with a similar claim from the video-game maker against Google.

05 April 2022

Apple faces €5 billion class action in the Netherlands

A Dutch consumer protection group has launched a standalone class action claim against Apple over its app store rules, partly based on fines imposed on the company by the country’s antitrust authority for failing to comply with an abuse of dominance decision.

04 April 2022

California urges Ninth Circuit to interpret unfair competition law correctly in Epic case

The California attorney general has weighed in on Epic Games’ dispute with Apple, arguing to an appellate court that the state’s unfair competition law applies to conduct not covered by federal antitrust statutes.

04 April 2022

CAT rules “weak” forex class action claims cannot proceed on an opt-out basis

Two competing class representatives seeking damages from members of the EU Forex cartel have said they will appeal against a UK Competition Appeal Tribunal judgment that rejected their proposed opt-out class actions in favour of a possible opt-in claim.

01 April 2022

Meat industry faces parallel antitrust class actions in Canada

A Canadian consumer protection group has launched a standalone price-fixing class action claim against four major US beef processors and their Canadian subsidiaries in a court in Québec, one month after a similar antitrust lawsuit was filed in British Columbia.

01 April 2022

Banks secure victory in Mexican bonds litigation

A federal New York judge will not reconsider his order dismissing claims that Mexico-based banks conspired to manipulate the market for certain debt securities issued by the Mexican government.

31 March 2022

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