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Intel’s patent aggregation suit dismissed despite “compelling” narrative

Intel made a compelling argument for how patent aggregation could violate federal antitrust law but failed to provide enough supporting evidence, a federal court in San Francisco has ruled.

13 October 2021

Apple seeks to protect anti-steering rules as it appeals

Apple has asked a federal court in Oakland to stay a ruling that prohibits the iPhone-maker from enforcing its anti-steering rules as it appeals to a higher court.

12 October 2021

Fifth Circuit split over Continental’s FRAND suit

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit appears to be divided over whether Continental Automotive Systems has adequately alleged members of a patent pool violated federal antitrust law by refusing to license their standardised technology on fair terms.

08 October 2021

Subsidiaries liable for damages caused by cartelist parents, EU court says

Cartel victims can seek damages from the subsidiaries of companies found to have infringed EU competition rules, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

06 October 2021

Don’t expect UK class action settlements soon, local lawyer says

A UK competition lawyer has warned it may take some time before the country’s class action regime approves its first settlement, as the procedure is a “very public process”.

04 October 2021

Litigation financiers are wary of carriage disputes, says UK funder

A UK-based litigation funder has said proposed collective actions that require competing class representatives to fight over certification before the Competition Appeal Tribunal present “real risks” for the third-party businesses financing such claims.

30 September 2021

Newcastle United’s competition claim lacks standing, Premier League argues

England’s top football league has told the UK’s specialist competition tribunal that a claim by one of its member clubs is an abuse of process and an attempt by its owner to have “another bite of the cherry” in securing a takeover from a Saudi Arabian-led consortium.

29 September 2021

UK tribunal certifies first excessive pricing class action

The UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal has certified its second-ever class action, allowing a claim to proceed that seeks €469 million in damages from BT for allegedly overcharging 2.3 million landline service customers.

27 September 2021

Expert evidence should be more transparent, appellate court judge says

Expert witnesses in competition cases should rely on the same data sources when presenting evidence and only cite peer-reviewed literature to support their arguments, so as to improve wider transparency, a judge at the Court of Appeal of England and Wales has said.

24 September 2021

Unlockd brings antitrust claims against Google to the US

Australian startup Unlockd has accused Google of abusing its control over the Android smartphone operating system to drive it out of business, mirroring previous lawsuits filed in the UK and Australia in which it secured interim relief against the tech company.

20 September 2021

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