Topic: Price fixing

Hong Kong cartel claims lack evidence, Shell and Sinopec dealer argue

Shell and a rival fuel provider have urged a Hong Kong court to throw out an aluminium manufacturer’s collusion claim because the company is unable to rebut the argument that pricing similarities were the result of independent but parallel conduct.

27 July 2021

Korea fines 24 concrete producers for price-fixing

Korea’s Federal Trade Commission has fined 24 concrete pile manufacturers a combined €74.9 million for colluding to fix concrete prices for construction projects.

26 July 2021

Potential Korean price-fixing penalties face strong political pressure

The Chinese government has expressed concern over the potential imposition of major fines by Korea’s competition watchdog against 23 liner operators – including some Chinese companies – for allegedly colluding to fix freight rates.

20 July 2021

European Commission: US litigation discovery could undermine salmon cartel probe

A federal judge in Miami has granted the European Commission’s request to participate in litigation accusing various North Atlantic salmon farms of price-fixing.

14 July 2021

Belgian security company to plead guilty to rigging US Defense Department bids

G4S Secure Solutions has agreed to plead guilty to a charge that it conspired to fix prices and allocate customers for security services provided to US military operations in Belgium, according to a senior US Department of Justice official.

25 June 2021

Supreme Court upholds NCAA loss

The National Collegiate Athletic Association violated US antitrust law by restricting education-related benefits universities can provide to student athletes, the US Supreme Court has unanimously held.

22 June 2021

Taiwan fines domestic airlines for price-fixing

Taiwan’s competition watchdog has fined three airlines for fixing the price of airline tickets on routes between Taipei and the country’s outlying islands.

18 June 2021

EU blocks former bank cartelists from coronavirus bond issuances

The European Commission has banned ten banks – including Barclays and Deutsche Bank – from participating in certain bond sales to fund coronavirus recovery due to their previous cartel involvement.

16 June 2021

Pakistan uncovers milk cartel

The Competition Commission of Pakistan has said that an investigation into the dairy sector has uncovered evidence that three leading trade associations conspired to fix milk prices in Karachi.

16 June 2021

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