Topic: Price fixing

Lithuania cuts cartel fines by 80% due to covid-19

Lithuania’s Competition Council has slashed the cartel fines it planned to levy against two of the country’s largest film distributors and a cinema operator because of the covid-19 pandemic.

27 November 2020

California judge says it is “too early” to cancel trial in capacitors litigation

A California federal judge presiding over price-fixing litigation against capacitor manufacturers has said he is “not quite ready to pull the plug” on a rescheduled trial because of the coronavirus pandemic.

24 November 2020

Taiwan fines hard disk drives cartel

Taiwan’s competition watchdog has imposed nearly €18 million in fines on three companies it said exchanged sensitive information and fixed the price of hard disk drives components.

16 November 2020

Turkey opens price-fixing and no-poach probe

Turkey’s antitrust watchdog has launched a cartel probe into eight private hospitals for allegedly fixing the price of surgery room fees charged to freelance physicians and agreeing not to poach each other’s doctors.

13 November 2020

Portugal hits land surveyors association with SO

The Portuguese Competition Authority has issued a statement of objections to a land surveyors association over suspicions that it fixed the prices of its members’ services for 17 years.

13 November 2020

South Africa closes 11-year cement cartel case

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has approved a settlement between the country’s antitrust enforcer and a leading cement supplier, granting the company immunity 11 years after it first launched the cartel probe.

12 November 2020

DOJ TV ad settlements help follow-on claims survive

A putative class of purchasers of local television advertising have sufficiently alleged an illegal price-fixing conspiracy among a dozen broadcasters to move the case forward, an Illinois federal court has ruled.

10 November 2020

Chopra, Slaughter: FTC approval of Pfizer/Mylan may invite collusion

Both Democratic members of the Federal Trade Commission have warned that the conditional approval of Pfizer’s sale of its Upjohn division to Mylan may make it easier for companies in the pharmaceutical industry to coordinate prices.

02 November 2020

Swiss enforcer hits Euribor cartel with more fines

Switzerland’s antitrust authority has fined Crédit Agricole and HSBC a total of €6 million for colluding to manipulate the Euro Interbank Offered Rate, while also closing two investigations into NEX International for its suspected role in rigging other benchmark interest rates.

28 October 2020

ECJ upholds another power cables fine

The European Commission was entitled to hold Pirelli joint and severally liable for Prysmian’s €67.3 million cartel fine because the Italian company controlled almost all of the power cables manufacturer’s capital, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

28 October 2020

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