Topic: Price fixing

Finnish court reduces insulation cartel fines

Finland's Market Court has fined two building insulation manufacturers a total of €3.2 million for fixing styrofoam prices, although it reduced the total sanctions because the national competition enforcer failed to prove that the conspiracy lasted as long as it claimed.

05 March 2021

Powers: Recent deferred prosecution agreements not part of a trend

The recent uptick in deferred prosecution agreements with defendants accused of committing antitrust crimes is based on the application of existing policies, not a broader trend, the acting head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

01 March 2021

UK tribunal upholds CMA pharma collusion fine

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has confirmed the Competition and Markets Authority’s finding that Lexon colluded with rival drug suppliers to keep up prices of an antidepressant sold to the National Health Service.

26 February 2021

Leniency is not a passive exercise, DOJ official says

The Department of Justice’s director of criminal litigation has said the Antitrust Division expects “full and complete cooperation” from those hoping to receive immunity under the enforcer’s leniency programme.

26 February 2021

CCI hits association with fine for indirect price-fixing

India’s competition watchdog has issued a nominal fine to an association of publishers and booksellers despite finding evidence that it controlled discounts and ordered members to boycott certain tenders.

25 February 2021

First corporate defendant pleads guilty in broiler chicken probe

Pilgrim’s Pride has pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy to fix prices and rig bids for broiler chicken products and been ordered to pay a criminal fine of nearly $108 million.

24 February 2021

Judge rejects request for full exclusion of certain evidence in rail freight case

A 40-year-old law designed to foster competition in the rail industry does not broadly protect certain discussions from antitrust scrutiny, a federal court in Washington, DC, has ruled.

23 February 2021

China punishes major cement cartel

China’s competition watchdog has fined a cement cartel €18.1 million for fixing prices and allocating markets in one of the country’s eastern provinces through a joint venture set up by seven companies.

12 February 2021

Finland proposes fining property management cartel

Finland's competition watchdog has asked the country's Market Court to fine six property management companies and the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation a total of €22 million for price fixing.

11 February 2021

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