Topic: Price fixing

Italy fines petroleum shipping cartel

Italy’s Competition Authority has fined four freight transport companies and their trade association more than €1 million for fixing prices and dividing the local fuel transport market for two years.

19 January 2022

Korea fines shippers in major price-fixing case

Korea’s antitrust authority has fined 23 shipping companies nearly €71 million for fixing freight rates over a 15 year period, although the penalty is significantly lower than some expected.

18 January 2022

Namibian enforcer accuses 178 pharmacies of fixing prices

Namibia’s competition watchdog has accused 178 pharmacies and a trade association of illegally fixing prices by imposing a 50% markup on medications, in what is expected to be an important test case for the country’s cartel laws.

17 January 2022

Chip cartelists argue limitation defence in UK follow-on damages claim

Two members of the smart card chip cartel have told a UK court that Gemalto’s follow-on claim against them is time-barred because the technology company could have launched a damages action well before the European Commission issued its infringement decision.

13 January 2022

UK court rejects NTN’s mitigation defence post-settlement

A UK appellate court has dismissed NTN’s claim that Fiat Chrysler mitigated any loss it suffered as a result of the ball bearings cartel, two days after the case was withdrawn because the companies settled the car maker's £80 million follow-on damages claim.

13 January 2022

DOJ secures three additional pleas in Blu-Ray probe

Three more individuals have accepted responsibility for their role in a conspiracy to inflate prices of DVDs and Blu-ray discs sold on Amazon.

10 January 2022

South African tribunal refuses cartel confession walk back

South Africa’s Competition Tribunal has rejected an auto repair shop’s request to renege on a cartel settlement agreement with the country’s antitrust watchdog on grounds of economic hardship and lack of legal representation.

07 January 2022

Fiat Chrysler settles final ball bearings cartel claim

Fiat Chrysler has settled its £80 million antitrust damages claim against NTN, bringing an end to its UK follow-on litigation against members of the EU ball bearings cartel.

07 January 2022

Canadian judge deems class action well-baked

A Toronto court has certified two classes of packaged bread purchasers that accuse Canada’s top food producers and retailers of participating in a 16-year price-fixing conspiracy – but stopped short of certifying any umbrella purchasers.

04 January 2022

Sweden probes alleged coronavirus testing cartel

The Swedish Competition Authority has launched an investigation into two coronavirus testing providers for allegedly fixing the price of PCR tests at the country’s main international airport.

20 December 2021

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