Topic: Price fixing

Ninth Circuit says NFL price-fixing case is too speculative

The City of Oakland does not have antitrust standing to accuse the National Football League of price-fixing but other cities might, a federal appellate court has said.

03 December 2021

Dutch enforcer raids foods companies

The Dutch competition authority has raided multiple domestic and foreign companies in the food processing market, after the agency’s head previously warned it would be conducting more office searches.

01 December 2021

DOJ’s first criminal wage-fixing case survives

Wage-fixing is just price-fixing by another name, a federal judge in Texas has ruled in rejecting a motion to dismiss filed by two defendants accused of conspiring to fix wages for physical therapists.

01 December 2021

Roll-on, roll-off cartelists dispute viability of UK class action

Members of the roll-on, roll-off shipping cartel have urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to reject a £150 million proposed class action against them because the class representative’s suggested methodology “cannot establish loss at all”.

30 November 2021

Israel sanctions video game cartel

An Israeli district court has convicted three video game vendors of colluding to fix the prices of PlayStation and Xbox consoles on a national comparison shopping website.

30 November 2021

Norway’s top court upholds highest-ever fine

An appellate court has upheld the Norwegian Competition Authority’s highest ever sanction, after dismissing Telenor’s appeal against a €83.5 million fine for abusing its dominance in the mobile phone market.

30 November 2021

Roll-on, roll-off class action seeks certification in UK

A consumer rights advocate has urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to certify his proposed £150 million class action against members of the roll-on, roll-off shipping cartel, while rejecting criticism about the methodology used to assess causation and loss.

29 November 2021

Hong Kong enforcer seeks first-ever settlement

Hong Kong’s Competition Commission has for the first time asked the territory’s specialist tribunal to accept a settlement with three companies it has accused of fixing the price of bulk mail equipment.

25 November 2021

Andean enforcer reissues cartel fines based on controversial leniency application

The Andean Community's competition enforcer has once again fined Kimberly Clark and Productos Familia for fixing tissue paper prices, disregarding concerns from local antitrust authorities that such a ruling could harm the region’s leniency programmes.

25 November 2021

EU closes lid on canned vegetable cartel

The European Commission has fined Conserve Italia and its subsidiary Conserves France a total of €20 million for participating in a 13-year cartel that fixed the price of canned vegetables, with observers saying the decision could spark damages actions across Europe.

19 November 2021

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