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EU issues pay-for-delay fines after nine-year probe

The European Commission has fined Cephalon and Teva a total of €60.5 million for entering into pay-for-delay agreements for a sleep disorder drug, although the enforcer said it no longer believes these types of agreements are a “big issue” in terms of their prevalence.

26 November 2020

CMA consults on bipolar drug commitments

Essential Pharma has promised to continue supplying a bipolar drug to UK patients, likely addressing the UK competition authority’s concerns that it abused its dominance by planning to withdraw the medication from the national market.

24 November 2020

Servier suffers Supreme Court loss in pay-for-delay damages suit

Servier has failed to convince the UK’s Supreme Court that product market findings by the EU General Court are binding on competition damages claims by four UK national health services against the drugmaker.

06 November 2020

Chopra, Slaughter: FTC approval of Pfizer/Mylan may invite collusion

Both Democratic members of the Federal Trade Commission have warned that the conditional approval of Pfizer’s sale of its Upjohn division to Mylan may make it easier for companies in the pharmaceutical industry to coordinate prices.

02 November 2020

Antitrust Division may block depositions in Teva securities suit, court says

A Connecticut federal judge has said the Department of Justice can intervene in private litigation against Teva Pharmaceuticals, accepting the Antitrust Division’s arguments that certain depositions and discovery could compromise the integrity of its investigation into price-fixing in the generic pharmaceuticals industry.

23 October 2020

Japan steps up bid-rigging enforcement with dawn raids

Japan’s competition watchdog has reportedly raided 14 computer suppliers and four drug wholesalers in separate bid-rigging investigations.

20 October 2020

CMA opens bipolar drug probe

The UK’s antitrust authority has launched an abuse of dominance investigation into Essential Pharma after the drugmaker threatened to withdraw a lithium-based bipolar disorder medication from the market.

06 October 2020

FTC’s disgorgement authority takes another hit with Third Circuit reversal

The Federal Trade Commission Act does not empower district courts to order disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has ruled in a decision to reverse a $448 million penalty against AbbVie and Besins Healthcare.

01 October 2020

Mylan/Upjohn cleared with remedies

Competition enforcers in New Zealand and Australia have cleared the proposed merger of Pfizer’s subsidiary Upjohn with Mylan subject to a series of divestitures.

10 September 2020

France hits Roche and Novartis with €444 million fine

France’s Competition Authority has fined Roche, Novartis and Genentech a total of €444 million for abusing their collective dominance by preventing the entry of a cheaper eye treatment drug into the French market.

09 September 2020

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