Topic: Pharmaceuticals

EU opens first probe into abusive drug patent filings

The European Commission is investigating whether Teva Pharmaceuticals unlawfully delayed the entry of generic drugs to treat multiple sclerosis through patent litigation and a disparaging communications campaign that discredited its competitors.

04 March 2021

State AGs urge Pennsylvania court to select dermatology lawsuit as bellwether

A Connecticut-led group of states has argued that its lawsuit alleging collusion in markets for dermatological products should be the first to go to trial in sprawling multidistrict litigation accusing generic drug manufacturers of price-fixing and market allocation.

02 March 2021

UK tribunal upholds CMA pharma collusion fine

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has confirmed the Competition and Markets Authority’s finding that Lexon colluded with rival drug suppliers to keep up prices of an antidepressant sold to the National Health Service.

26 February 2021

State court dismisses Mississippi’s pay-for-delay claims against Teva

The State of Mississippi has failed to demonstrate that a state court has jurisdiction over claims that Teva Pharmaceuticals entered into an anticompetitive reverse-payment settlement, a local judge has ruled.

11 February 2021

EU ends first pharmaceutical excessive pricing probe

The European Commission has closed its excessive pricing investigation into Aspen, after the drugmaker committed to reduce the price of six of its cancer medicines and continue supplying them across the EU.

10 February 2021

Federal Circuit vacates “skinny label” ruling

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has withdrawn a ruling that was criticised by some commentators for enhancing the risk of patent infringement liability for certain generic pharmaceutical companies.

09 February 2021

Spain fines pharmaceuticals cartel €5.8 million

Spain's antitrust enforcer has fined the country's only two suppliers of drugs used in nuclear medicine – including a local Novartis subsidiary – for dividing the market and rigging tenders.

09 February 2021

DOJ official: Deferred prosecution not guaranteed in criminal healthcare cases

Despite the Antitrust Division’s recent increased use of deferred prosecution agreements, companies should not assume such agreements will always be used to resolve criminal cases in the healthcare sector, a Department of Justice official has said.

03 February 2021

Ian Conner: the GCR exit interview

After two-plus years in the Federal Trade Commission’s front office, Ian Conner took over as the director of the agency’s competition bureau in December 2019. Set to depart in mid-February, Conner spoke with GCR USA about the agency’s accomplishments, the need for more funding and balancing the desires of divided leadership.

28 January 2021

Brazil conditionally clears Takeda drug portfolio purchase

Brazil’s competition authority has greenlit local drugmaker Hypera Pharma’s bid to purchase a portfolio of medications from Takeda Pharmaceutical after the company offered a “fix-it-first” structural remedy.

22 January 2021

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