Organisation: US Federal Government

Kanter: DOJ’s amicus programme is “thriving”

The Department of Justice is committed to ramping up its amicus brief programme to intervene in private labour and monopolisation cases, the Antitrust Division chief has said.

25 September 2023

USDA teams up with state AGs to boost antitrust scrutiny

The US Department of Agriculture has launched a bipartisan partnership with 31 state attorneys general to tackle consolidation and anticompetitive conduct in the food, grocery, and meat and poultry processing markets.

19 July 2023

FTC seeks dismissal of hospital’s HSR lawsuit

The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission are asking a federal court in New Orleans to deny a hospital’s request for an order saying it did not need to report its merger.

22 June 2023

FTC steps up cloud computing scrutiny

The Federal Trade Commission needs to “fully understand” how just a handful of companies have come to control a significant majority of the cloud computing industry, Lina Khan has said.

12 May 2023

DOJ opposes trial consolidation in JetBlue/Spirit challenge

Consumers challenging JetBlue’s $3.8 billion purchase of Spirit Airlines must wait until after the government’s trial to present their case to a jury, the Department of Justice has said.

05 May 2023

Louisiana hospital seeks to dismiss or transfer FTC unreported deal challenge

The Federal Trade Commission cannot bring claims against Louisiana Children’s Medical Center in Washington, DC, for unlawfully failing to disclose its acquisition of three hospitals, the defendant has argued.

26 April 2023

Criminal Section 2 case ends with probation for highway contractor

The DOJ’s first criminal monopolisation charge in 45 years has resulted in a sentence of three years probation, six months of house arrest and a $27,000 fine.

31 March 2023

DOJ gerrymandered digital ad market, Google says

The Department of Justice’s definition of the antitrust market for digital advertising is far too narrow to justify its monopolisation and tying claims, Google has said in a motion to dismiss.

29 March 2023

Khan: Meta ruling significant for market definition and entry

The Federal Trade Commission’s failed bid to block Meta Platforms/Within Unlimited was disappointing but has laid a favourable groundwork for enforcers seeking to define an antitrust market and prove it is too concentrated, Lina Khan has said.

28 March 2023

Judge clears runway for JetBlue/Spirit decision by year’s end

The Department of Justice’s bid to block JetBlue’s $3.8 billion proposed acquisition of Spirit Airlines will go to trial on 16 October, a Massachusetts federal judge has decided.

22 March 2023

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