Organisation: US DoJ Antitrust Division

DOJ sues Agri Stats over information sharing with meat cartels

The Department of Justice has accused analytics company Agri Stats of facilitating chicken, pork and turkey cartels by sharing competitively sensitive information about price and output.

29 September 2023

T-Mobile accuses DOJ of attempting to rewrite consent decree

T-Mobile is urging a federal court in Washington, DC, to reject the Department of Justice’s request to give Dish Network more time to purchase wireless infrastructure agreed upon in the consent decree resolving T-Mobile/Sprint.

26 September 2023

Kanter: DOJ’s amicus programme is “thriving”

The Department of Justice is committed to ramping up its amicus brief programme to intervene in private labour and monopolisation cases, the Antitrust Division chief has said.

25 September 2023

Covid-19 and Ukraine war endangered T-Mobile divestiture deal, Dish says

Dish Network is asking a federal judge in Washington, DC, for more time to purchase infrastructure from T-Mobile as part of the Department of Justice’s complex approval of T-Mobile/Sprint.

21 August 2023

Red Cross and DOJ clash over blood platelets case

The American Red Cross says the Department of Justice misinterpreted legislation and precedent designating it a public entity immune from antitrust liability.

18 August 2023

American/JetBlue alliance over, but wider prohibitions denied

A federal judge in Boston has officially struck down an alliance between American Airlines and JetBlue but rebuffed the government’s request for stricter monitoring.

01 August 2023

Cement company exec must face criminal charges

A concrete contractor has lost his bid to have criminal charges against him thrown out after a federal court in Georgia found he had failed to demonstrate the Department of Justice engaged in any misconduct or that his statements were ambiguous.

27 July 2023

American Airlines and JetBlue fight DOJ’s request for monitor

American Airlines and JetBlue have accused the Department of Justice of overstepping its enforcement role by asking a federal court to appoint an “intrusive and expensive” five-year monitor on future commercial deals.

21 July 2023

Delrahim: new merger guidelines should mention recent precedents

The new merger guidelines must include newer caselaw to become reliable in future litigations, the former head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

20 July 2023

USDA teams up with state AGs to boost antitrust scrutiny

The US Department of Agriculture has launched a bipartisan partnership with 31 state attorneys general to tackle consolidation and anticompetitive conduct in the food, grocery, and meat and poultry processing markets.

19 July 2023

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