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India: CCI Keeps its Focus Fixed on Remedies that are Acceptable at Home

Featured in Merger Remedies Guide - Fifth Edition

While the CCI has developed good relationships with its counterparts in major jurisdictions - such as the United States and the European Union - and will draw inspiration from practice elsewhere, it has shown that it will focus on competition effects in India and will not necessarily follow the approach to remedies taken elsewhere.

25 October 2023

Revised funding arrangement in UK class action still unenforceable, Sony claims

A revised litigation funding agreement for a proposed opt-out standalone class action claim against Sony seeking approximately £6 billion remains unenforceable following PACCAR, counsel to the company has said.

09 October 2023

UK claimant defends expert economist methodology in Sony class action

The proposed class representative in a £5 billion opt-out standalone damages action against Sony has rejected arguments that her expert economist’s evidence lacks credibility and incorrectly fails to conduct a two-sided market analysis.

08 June 2023

Sony seeks to quash UK class action claim

Sony has accused the proposed class representative in a £5 billion opt-out damages claim against the company of relying on the wrong theory of harm, as it seeks to strike out allegations consumers overpaid for digital games and content on its PlayStation Store.

07 June 2023

Romania launches abuse probe over PlayStation Store exclusivity provisions

Romania’s Competition Council has opened an investigation into Sony over allegations it refused to allow rival distributors to sell activation codes for PlayStation-compatible games, forcing publishers to sell their products via the PlayStation Store.

31 May 2023

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