Organisation: Roche Holding AG

Novartis and Roche win appeal against collective abuse fines

A French appellate court has quashed €444 million in fines levied by the country’s antitrust watchdog against Novartis and Roche, ruling that the drugmakers did not abuse their collective dominance by discouraging off-label prescriptions for a cheaper medicine.

17 February 2023

Turkish court annuls Roche and Novartis cartel fines over lack of evidence

A Turkish court has overturned the national antitrust watchdog’s decision to fine Roche and Novartis over €30 million in combined penalties for conspiring to spread misinformation about a cheaper eye treatment drug, ruling the authority failed to demonstrate illegal collusion.

30 January 2023

Novartis sanctioned in Belgium for undermining rival drug

The Belgian Competition Authority has fined Novartis €2.8 million after concluding it unlawfully shut out competition in the market for certain eye disease treatments by exaggerating the potential side effects of a rival drug.

25 January 2023

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