Organisation: Kroger

Kroger seeks dismissal of Washington’s “unprecedented” suit

State antitrust law cannot be used to command national merger policy, Kroger has said in seeking to throw out Washington’s challenge to its purchase of Albertsons.

23 February 2024

Colorado sues Kroger/Albertsons over merger and labour collusion

Colorado’s investigation into Kroger/Albertsons uncovered a “nefarious” no-poach conspiracy and substantial risks to competition, the state has said in suing to block the $24.6 billion merger.

15 February 2024

Kroger/Albertsons to divest 400 stores in pursuit of FTC clearance

Kroger has revealed plans to divest over 400 grocery store locations as it seeks to close its $24.6 billion purchase of Albertsons early next year.

11 September 2023

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