Organisation: Korea Fair Trade Commission

Korea fines Broadcom €13.4 million over Samsung abuse

Broadcom abused its superior bargaining position over Samsung by forcing the mobile phone maker into unfair long-term contracts for telecommunications components, Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has said.

21 September 2023

Korea’s top court backs KFTC on currency swap collusion

A lower court wrongly annulled a KFTC decision finding that Citibank Korea and JPMorgan Chase illegally rigged tenders from two state-owned companies for currency swap services, Korea’s top court has held.

13 September 2023

Korea sanctions LPG cartel

Four liquefied petroleum gas companies must pay €1.8 million in fines for conspiring to fix prices and allocate customers on the island of Jeju in Korea.

04 September 2023

Yulchon snags former KFTC litigation and mergers director

Yoon Hwan Hwang, who served as the director of litigation and merger review at Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, has joined Yulchon as a partner in Seoul.

30 August 2023

Apple faces additional app store scrutiny in Korea

Apple is reportedly facing scrutiny from Korean prosecutors over the fees it charges game developers, less than a year after the country’s antitrust enforcer raided its local headquarters over similar issues.

14 August 2023

KFTC follows government order to probe collapsed construction project

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has reportedly raided the offices of several construction companies over concerns they colluded on the construction of an apartment complex that partly collapsed due to faulty design.

10 August 2023

Former KFTC director joins Yoon & Yang

Hee Jae Lee, who served in several high-ranking positions at Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, has joined Yoon & Yang as a partner in Seoul.

09 August 2023

Korean enforcer sanctions drugmaker for anticompetitive rebate scheme

A Korean drugmaker broke competition rules by bribing healthcare professionals with cash and gifts to prescribe patients with its products, the country’s antitrust watchdog has said.

07 August 2023

Korea fines 32 vaccine companies for bid rigging

GlaxoSmithKline and 31 other companies in the vaccine sector are facing fines of €28.6 million from Korea’s Fair Trade Commission for rigging bids to supply the government’s National Immunisation Programme.

21 July 2023

Uptick in raids continues as agencies across Europe and Asia conduct searches

Antitrust enforcers in Greece, Spain, South Korea and Hong Kong have raided companies this week as part of separate individual investigations into electricity distribution, securities and wholesale fish markets.

23 June 2023

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