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Korea’s top court backs KFTC on currency swap collusion

A lower court wrongly annulled a KFTC decision finding that Citibank Korea and JPMorgan Chase illegally rigged tenders from two state-owned companies for currency swap services, Korea’s top court has held.

13 September 2023

Canadian enforcer greenlights RBC/HSBC merger

Canada’s largest bank has cleared the first of three regulatory hurdles to acquire the domestic subsidiary of HSBC after receiving merger control approval despite warnings about market concentration.

04 September 2023

Banks prevail in long-running French cheque processing cartel saga

France’s top court has annulled fines imposed on 10 banks for agreeing to raise cheque processing charges because the national antitrust authority failed to establish the conduct constituted a by-object infringement when issuing the sanctions 13 years ago.

03 July 2023

UK issues chargesheet in government bond cartel probe

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has accused HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Canada of unlawfully exchanging commercially sensitive information about government bonds in the aftermath of the global financial crash.

24 May 2023

HSBC, Scotiabank defeat silver price-fixing lawsuit

Plaintiffs suing HSBC and Scotiabank failed to show an alleged conspiracy to fix prices of silver that occurred in the US or impacted domestic prices, a federal judge in Manhattan has ruled.

23 May 2023

South Africa wins forex jurisdiction battle again

South Africa’s Competition Tribunal has refused to strike out over a dozen banks from the national enforcer’s forex cartel case for a second time, ruling that the agency has jurisdiction to fine foreign banks with no local presence for participating in a price-fixing conspiracy.

31 March 2023

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