Organisation: Hellenic Competition Commission (Greece)

EU urged to include naked restrictions in new exclusionary guidance

The European Commission should clarify its approach to naked restrictions in new guidelines on exclusionary abuse of dominance cases after failing to reference the term when setting out its enforcement priorities earlier this year, the head of Greece’s Competition Commission has said.

09 November 2023

OPAP hits back against Greek dominance fine

Greece’s gambling monopoly will fight a €24.5 million abuse of dominance fine after denying it used non-compete and exclusivity clauses to tie its payment services with its betting operations.

02 October 2023

Greece imposes highest fine on individual for obstructing dawn raid

Greece’s Competition Commission has levied a €1 million fine on an unnamed individual, reportedly the owner of a premier league football club, for concealing evidence during a dawn raid.

21 September 2023

Greece opens rare in-depth probe into construction deal

A tie-up creating Greece’s second biggest construction company warrants an in-depth review as it raises potential horizontal and vertical concerns, the country’s competition watchdog has said.

04 September 2023

Dawn raids can be challenged prior to final decision, Greek court rules

Parties can challenge the validity of dawn raids conducted by Greece’s Competition Commission prior to the authority issuing a final decision, a local court has said.

11 July 2023

Greece: Amended Antitrust Law and increased cooperation fuel Hellenic Competition Commission’s proactive enforcement

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2024

Targeted legislative changes and a focus on partnerships with regulatory authorities are shaping Greece’s antitrust regime, influencing its protections against anticompetitive behaviour, abuse of dominance and improper mergers.

30 June 2023

Uptick in raids continues as agencies across Europe and Asia conduct searches

Antitrust enforcers in Greece, Spain, South Korea and Hong Kong have raided companies this week as part of separate individual investigations into electricity distribution, securities and wholesale fish markets.

23 June 2023

Dutch Court seeks ECJ ruling in Heineken jurisdiction battle

The Netherlands’ top court will ask the European Court of Justice to rule on jurisdiction in antitrust damages actions to help it determine if Dutch courts can preside over a Greek brewer’s €100 million follow-on claim against Heineken.

24 April 2023

Greece mulls oil company sanctions for obstructing sector study

The investigative arm of Greece’s Competition Commission has requested fines against a major energy group and an individual for obstructing a dawn raid carried out as part of a sectoral study into the petroleum sector.

30 March 2023

Spain raids major oil companies

Spain’s competition enforcer has raided BP, Repsol and Cepsa over alleged anticompetitive conduct, while Greece’s Competition Commission has raided an unnamed business as part of its probe into a suspected toy cartel.

14 December 2022

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