Organisation: Federal Trade Commission (USA)

FTC alumni: Relitigating Microsoft/Activision comes with risks

The Federal Trade Commission’s rare decision to reopen administrative proceedings against a merger it failed to secure a preliminary injunction against could amplify the barrage of attacks it is already facing.

02 October 2023

Gender considerations will lead to better competition enforcement, say experts

Competition authorities must adopt a “gender lens” in their work to consider the diversity of leadership boards and incorporate gender into merger and cartel analysis, a group of competition experts have said.

29 September 2023

FTC loses cases challenging COPA’s immunity from HSR

A certificate of public advantage granted to two Louisiana hospitals exempts their need to report the transaction to US antitrust enforcers, a federal court has ruled.

28 September 2023

FTC avoids radical approach with Amazon case

The most progressive Federal Trade Commission in a generation has opted for a more orthodox playbook in its blockbuster lawsuit against Amazon, several competition experts have said.

27 September 2023

FTC sues Amazon

The US Federal Trade Commission and 17 state enforcers have accused Amazon of illegally maintaining monopoly power in online shopping markets by implementing illegal price floors, forcing sellers to use its fulfilment services and unfairly favouring its own products.

26 September 2023

FTC accuses private equity of monopolising anaesthesia market

US Anesthesia Partners and its private-equity backer illegally monopolised anaesthesia services in Texas by rolling up smaller rivals and agreeing to set prices and allocate markets, the Federal Trade Commission has said.

22 September 2023

Republican FTC nominees signal appetite for stronger enforcement

President Biden’s picks to fill the Federal Trade Commission’s two empty slots have voiced concerns about high levels of merger activity and the power tech monopolies have to censor public discourse.

21 September 2023

FTC to increase Section 5 scrutiny over ‘Orange Book’ abuses

Pharmaceutical companies that improperly list patents in the Food and Drug Administration’s Orange Book could be in breach of rules that prevent unfair methods of competition, the Federal Trade Commission has said.

15 September 2023

Fifth Circuit appears supportive of FTC in Illumina appeal

A conservative-leaning federal appellate court appeared relatively open to the Federal Trade Commission’s order finding Illumina’s acquisition of Grail would likely harm competition for cancer-screening tests during oral arguments on Tuesday.

13 September 2023

Kroger/Albertsons to divest 400 stores in pursuit of FTC clearance

Kroger has revealed plans to divest over 400 grocery store locations as it seeks to close its $24.6 billion purchase of Albertsons early next year.

11 September 2023

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