Organisation: Federal Trade Commission (USA)

Wilson hits out in fiery resignation letter

Republican Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said she is resigning so as to avoid legitimising what she described as chair Lina Khan’s “disregard for the rule of law".

15 February 2023

Senate moves pharma package forward

The Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced five bipartisan bills aiming to promote competition and reduce drug prices in the pharmaceutical industry.

13 February 2023

FTC requests more time to review mergers

The Federal Trade Commission’s majority is asking Congress to extend the amount of time it has to decide whether to issue a second request or challenge a merger in court.

13 February 2023

Practitioners sceptical about “sudden” DOJ policy statement withdrawals

The Department of Justice’s instantaneous revocation of three key policy statements on information exchange has created confusion for companies both in and outside of the healthcare industry, several antitrust practitioners have said.

09 February 2023

Meta/Within ruling clarifies potential competition burdens, experts say

The Federal Trade Commission’s failure to block Meta Platforms/Within Unlimited underlines the legal challenges of proving harm to potential competition, but possibly moves the needle in its favour for future cases, experts have said.

07 February 2023

Meta not incentivised to make own fitness app, court finds

The Federal Trade Commission failed to show that Meta Platforms was likely to enter the virtual reality fitness realm absent its acquisition of Within Unlimited, a California federal judge has ruled.

06 February 2023

FTC adopts tougher stance on divestitures

The US Federal Trade Commission will no longer accept merger remedies with lengthy entanglements, the director of the agency’s antitrust arm has said.

03 February 2023

FTC Democrats deny Meta’s petition for Khan's recusal

Meta Platforms cannot bar Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan from participating in decisions related to its proposed acquisition of Within Unlimited, the agency’s two Democrats have ruled – with commissioner Christine Wilson issuing a fiery dissent.

03 February 2023

Kovacic: FTC independence is fading

The Federal Trade Commission is likely to lose the deference of the courts as the executive branch takes on a more hands-on role with the agency’s work, former chair William Kovacic has said.

27 January 2023

Healthcare workers enthusiastic about non-compete rule, but may not see benefits

The Federal Trade Commission’s proposed ban on non-compete agreements may not be the boon that physicians and healthcare workers are hoping for given the limits of the agency’s jurisdiction, several antitrust experts have said.

27 January 2023

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